Ardra Nakshatra is the sixth of the 27 Nakshatras. Mrigshira and Punarvasu come before and after Ardra Nakshatra, respectively. Rahu is the Lord of Ardra Nakshatra. This Nakshatra falls in the Gemini sign. This Nakshatra is formed with only one star. This Nakshatra is counted as one of the brightest 20 stars. According to ancient beliefs, this red coloured star is the home of Lord Shiva.

Recognizing Ardra Nakshatra

Ardra Nakshatra stays in Gemini sign from 6 degrees to 20 degrees. Ardra Nakshatra rises in the third week of the month of June. This Nakshatra is at it’s apex from 9 to 11 PM in the month of February. Nirayan Sun enters this Nakshatra on 21st June. This Nakshatra seems like a diamond in the sky and comprises of only one star. Some scholars even see it as a drop of a tear in the sky.

Meaning of Ardra

Ardra means moisture. Moisture helps in forming clouds after a period of extreme heat. Sun entering this Nakshatra symbolises the end of summers and beginning of monsoon. Plant life flourishes because of rains. A good harvest can be seen in the fields and even the people remain happy. Some scholars have associated Ardra Nakshatra with a drop of tear or sweat. According to the, summers make a person cry as there is no food and water. A person also sweats because of the immense heat.

In reality, any kind of moisture, coolness or wetness is known as Ardra. Ardra Nakshatra explains the fact that a person should forget the past and move on. It also makes a person understand about determination, patience etc. Some texts also compare Ardra Nakshatra with a human head.

Qualities of Ardra Nakshatra

A person with Ardra Nakshatra is usually excited and unstable. Such a person is happy and proud. Such a person also faces many difficulties in his life. A person with Ardra Nakshatra usually has bad thoughts. A person with this Nakshatra receives results on the basis of Rahu’s placement. Such a person thinks that he is always right. Such a person is also aggressive. A person with this Nakshatra is worried on seeing someone’s indiscipline. Such a person is usually argumentative and rude. Such a person is short tempered and worried about others’ problems. 

According to Narad, a person with Ardra Nakshatra is good with business activities. But, according to other beliefs, such a person never succeeds in business related activities. Such a person hard working and has a keen interest in mantras. Such a person is also determined and never diverges from his path. A person with Ardra Nakshatra is not usually grateful to other people. Such a person analyzes a person on the basis of his character and backs off if he sees any problem.

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