AmetrineAmetrine Uparatna (Gemstone) is believed to possess qualities of both Amethist and Citrine. This is rare gemstone found in only Anahi mines in Bolivia and nowhere else. The mine is to be believed to be discovered in the 17th century. The Government of Bolivia reserved this mine at that time. This Uparatna was sold in the markets of Brazil for the first time in 1989. This new Uparatna is a mixture of two colours, Purple and Yellow. Being new to the markets, there is no legend related to this Uparatna. It has been said to be spiritual.

Meaning And Qualities Of Ametrine Gemstone

This Uparatna possesses the qualities of Amethist and Citrine and believed to bring luck. It also brings positivity in thoughts and helps a person achieve success in whatever he wants to do. It also helps in the calarity of thoughts and is believed to keep the inner body’s metabolism healthy and working. 

This Uparatna can be used as a device that helps a person in enhancing concentration. It also helps in removing any negative energies from life and keeps a person calm and not tensed. It helps a person bring his mind to peace and enhances financial status. 

Magical Qualities Of Ametrine Upratna

This Uparatna is also believed to have some medicinal qualities. It helps in keeping the breathing process normal. It makes a person imaginative and enhances his body’s self-defense against diseases. It helps in bringing a person to peace with his heart and mind and removes any tensions or negative energies. It also helps in the cleansing of the skin and brings energy. 

This Uparatna removes any negative thoughts from the mind and brings positive energies in life. It also makes a person open-up spiritually and maintains the normal functioning of day-to-day works. It makes hardworking people slow down their pace so that they can enjoy their work in a better way. It brings success to people’s lives. A person wearing this Uparatna is no more afraid of anything and develops himself all around to achieve success. It makes person understand the depth of the work they are doing and makes them do it in the best possible way. 

Who Should Wear Ametrine Upratna

Anyone can wear this Uparatna but some scholars believe it to be a mix of Mercury and Jupiter. People who have Jupiter or Mercury in debilitated positions in their Kundali can wear this Uparatna. 

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