AmethystAmethyst is called Jamunia in Hindi. At many places it is known as Billor. It is worn as substitute of Blue Sapphire. This substitute is found in abundance in nature. It is colorless. The Amethyst with dark color in the center is considered to be the best. It is also found in very bright colors. At many places, this substitute is found in purple color. Hence, it is called as Jamunia. Amethyst is also seen to have redness in purple color or with hue of blue color. This sub-stone is considered unique and equally attractive. 

Amethyst Properties

In the ancient days, it was believed that a person who is highly addicted to drinking should be given the drinks in a cup made of Amethyst. After which a person’s addiction is removed. In the present time also, it is believed that person having any such addiction should wear this sub-stone. This gem increases the confidence of the soldiers fighting in the battle ground and protect them. According to some belief, this substitute keeps a person far from negative thoughts. A business men gains cleverness to run his business better. 

Person wearing this substitute gets an honourable position in society. There is no loss in his value  and reputation.  Person wearing this sub-stone experience mental peace and happiness. It saves a person from sins and hatred. Amethyst is highly popular in foreign countries. Ladies of those countries wear this substitute in large amount. They believe that by wearing it, there husbands will always love them. 

Supernatural Powers of Amethyst

It helps everyone in every field. Wearing this sub-stone in pendant, removes the fear of getting bitten by snake. Person leaves his habit of addition. It controls the acid formed in stomach. This sub-stone is said to a stone of friendship. It increases the mental abilities and activities of right brain. Amethyst helps in the proper functioning of immune system of body. It purifies the blood. Gives relief from headache. It keeps a control on diabetes. People suffering from insomnia should keep this gem under there pillow before sleeping. This way, they will have a peaceful sleep. Amethyst protects a person from thieves. 

Who should wear Amethyst

A person should wear Amethyst if Saturn is the lord of auspicious house but is in relation with the inauspicious house in the Kundali. 

Who should not wear Amethyst

Amethyst should not be worn with Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl, Red Coral and their substitutes. 

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