Vishti Karana - 11 Karana । What is Karana । Vishti Karana : Persons Career

April 19, 2011 00:44  cyrilgupta
People of Vishti Karana get easily engaged in wrong works. As a result, they may face loss of value because of any inappropriate work. [More]

Bava Karana - 11 Karana | Bava Karana Birth Persons Nature

April 19, 2011 00:41  cyrilgupta
One degree (Kala) of Moon is said to be a date. Similarly 30 dates are formed by the combination of Shukla and Krishna Paksha. [More]

Shakuni Karana : Profession Area | 11 Karana | When is Shakuni Karana | Shakuni Karana : Profession Area

April 17, 2011 04:33  cyrilgupta
A person who is born in Shakuni Karana is efficient in settling the disputes. He is good in solving problems and handling any disturbed issue. [More]

Naga Karana : Life Analysis | | 11 Karana | When is Naga Karana

April 17, 2011 04:30  cyrilgupta
The ones who are born in Naga Karana get their income in areas of water or sea. Such a person belives in hard work and the fruit of his efforts come as income. [More]

Kinstughan Karana- 11 Karana | When is Kinstughan Karana

April 17, 2011 04:26  astrowriter2
Person born in Kinstughan Karana is capable of doing any auspicious work. He is successful in attaining the goals of his life through his efforts and hard wok. [More]

Chatushpada Karana - 11 Karana | When is Chatushpada Karana

April 17, 2011 00:23  cyrilgupta
People born in Chatushpada Karana are filled with religious faith in themselves. They have interest in work of spiritual works. [More]

Gar Karana - 11 Karana | Gar Karana - Career of a Person

April 16, 2011 01:15  cyrilgupta
Gar Karana comes under the category of Char Karanas. Hindu Panchang has five parts : date, day, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana. [More]

Vanija Karana - 11 Karana | Vanija Karana - Bussiness

April 16, 2011 01:11  cyrilgupta
A date is formed 12 degree away from Sun. And, a Karana is formed 6 degree away from Sun. Hence, there are 2 Karna in one Tithi. [More]

Taitila Karana (11 Karana) | Taitila Karana Person Features

April 16, 2011 01:06  cyrilgupta
Taitila Karana is the 3rd out of 11 Karana. There are 11 karana on adding the Taitaila Karana. [More]

Kaulava Karana | What is Karana - Kaulava Karana Personality

April 16, 2011 00:55  cyrilgupta
Let us know what is karana before knowing its results. Karana is the half of Tithi. There are 11 types of Karana. [More]

Balava Karna | Balava Karana Meaning | Balava Karana Calculator

April 15, 2011 01:55  cyrilgupta
In astrology, when a date is divided into two then two Karana are formed. It can be also said that One Tithi is formed by joining 2 dates. [More]

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