Effects of Saturn in Libra on various Rashi | Saturn in Libra 2011

August 27, 2011 16:00  astrowriter3
Saturn is a planet that takes almost two and half years to shift from one Rashi to another. Saturn will shift to its most fortunate sign Libra on November 15th 2011 at 10:11.


Capricorn Lagna | Capricorn Ascendant

July 14, 2011 11:00  astrowriter3
Generally natives born in Capricorn have a knack to adapt themselves as per the circumstances. They have great aspirations in life and cannot economise funds. [More]

Sagittarius Lagna | Sagittarius Ascendant

July 13, 2011 19:00  astrowriter3
Generally natives born in Sagittarius have phlegmatic temperament.They are conventional and uphold conservative views. [More]

Scorpio Lagna | Scorpio Ascendant

July 13, 2011 17:00  astrowriter3
Generally natives born in Scorpio have generous disposition. They are exceedingly fickle minded and love excitement. [More]

Libra Lagna | Tula Lagna | Libra Ascendant | Tula Rashi | Libra Sign

July 12, 2011 17:30  astrowriter3
Libra is the seventh Zodiac sign of all 12 Zodiac Signs. Libra is an Airy sign and male Zodiac . It is movable in nature. The direction of Libra is North. The Lord of Lagna is the Venus that makes the native aesthetic and generous. [More]

Virgo Lagna | Kanya Lagna | Virgo Ascendant | Virgo Sign

July 12, 2011 17:00  astrowriter3
Virgo is an earthy and a female Zodiac. It is dual in nature. The direction of Virgo is south. The Lord of Virgo Lagna is Mercury. This make native intelligent and blessed with writing abilities by nature. [More]

Pisces Lagna | Pisces Ascendant

July 10, 2011 15:00  astrowriter3
Generally natives born in Pisces are respectors of orthodox principles, They are superstitious, reserved, rigid in observance of religious customs and practices. [More]

Aquarius Lagna | Aquarius Ascendant

July 10, 2011 11:00  astrowriter3
Generally natives born in Aquarius are quick in making friends. They are peevish and when provoked they rise like a bulldog but their anger is easily subsided. [More]

Leo Lagna | Leo Ascendant

July 9, 2011 16:00  astrowriter3
Generally natives born in Leo can adapt themselves to any condition in life. In affection leos are sincere. They stick to orthodox principles in religion and are tolerant. [More]

Cancer Lagna | Cancer Ascendant

July 9, 2011 11:00  astrowriter3
Generally natives born in Cancer are intelligent, bright, extremely frugal and industrious. The mind is intuitional and perceptive. They like pleasure. [More]

Gemini Lagna | Gemini Ascendant

July 8, 2011 18:00  astrowriter3
Generally natives born in Gemini are expert in mechanical services. They suffer sudden nervous breakdown. Their mind is often conscious of there own depravity. [More]

Taurus Lagna | Taurus Ascendant

July 8, 2011 11:00  astrowriter3
Generally natives born in Taurus are self reliant.They have piercing intellect. They lead their life on their own principles. [More]

Aries Lagna | Aries Ascendant

July 8, 2011 09:00  astrowriter3
Generally natives born in Aries love scientific thoughts.They are enterprising and ambitious.They are good planners. [More]

Romantic Astrology | Romantic Horoscope | Astrology love and Romance

June 22, 2011 10:00  astrowriter3
Every Zodiac sign has peculiar features and trait which if known can make us understand an individual better.Let us try to understand the Romantic Horoscopes of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo,Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces . [More]

Pisces Sign Meaning | Pisces- An Introduction । Who is the Lord of the Pisces sign

May 16, 2011 23:48  cyrilgupta
Pisces people are compassionate , religious, god-fearing in nature. They are also superstitious.Pisces are self contained, introvert, and easily understands the feelings of others. [More]

Capricorn Sign Meaning | Capricorn - An Introduction । What is the Symbol of the Capricorn Sign

May 16, 2011 19:47  cyrilgupta
Capricorns are perfect in nature and with strong will power.These people are highly ambitious and reliable.They live a wise and disciplined life. [More]

Sagittarius Sign Meaning | Sagittarius Introduction | Who is the Lord of The Sagittarius Sign

May 16, 2011 19:40  cyrilgupta
Saggitarians possess humanity in nature , and are very active. They always try to stay light-hearted and are optimistic.These people have good communication skills. [More]

Aquarius Sign Meaning | Aquarius- An Introduction । Which is the lucky Colour for the Aquarius people

May 16, 2011 19:31  cyrilgupta
Aquarians have the sense of humanity in their nature.They like doing work independently. Moreover these peopleare very good with making friendly relations.They believe in reality of life and are very practical in nature. [More]

Scorpio Sign Meaning | Scorpio - An Introduction । Who is the Lord of the Scorpio sign

May 10, 2011 02:51  cyrilgupta
The Scorpio sun sign has been mentioned as a mysterious sign in Astrology. People born under this sign are of mysterious nature. [More]

Libra Sign Meaning | Libra - An Introduction | Which is the lucky stone for the Libra people

May 10, 2011 02:18  cyrilgupta
People of the Libra sign are extremely attractive. They can easily tackle even the most difficult situations. [More]

Virgo Sign Meaning | Virgo - An Introduction | Mercury is the Lord of Virgo

May 8, 2011 02:54  cyrilgupta
Virgo is the 6th horoscope in Zodiac Signs. This is a horoscope of business people. Virgo people are highly intellectual . [More]

Leo Sign Meaning | Leo - An Introduction | What are the lucky colours for Leo.

May 8, 2011 02:33  cyrilgupta
Leo people are very active, radiant, and has a quick impact on others. They are high in desire, warmth and prolific in nature. [More]

Taurus Sign Meaning | Taurus - An Introduction | Who is the Lord of the Taurus sign

May 7, 2011 21:24  cyrilgupta
Astrology comprises of 12 signs. It has 360 elements. When these 360 elements are equally divided into 12 parts, the 12 signs are formed. [More]

Gemini Sign Meaning | Gemini - An Introduction | Who is the Lord of Gemini

May 6, 2011 22:08  cyrilgupta
Gemini people are highly intellectual in nature. Geminians behave as per the charactersticts of their sign. Gemini people are funny and attractive.Let’s study about Gemini as a sign in detail: [More]

Aries Sign Meaning | An Introduction Aries Sign Moon Sign | Who is the Lord of the Aries sign

May 6, 2011 21:39  cyrilgupta
There are 12 signs in astrology. These signs influence a person’s life through their nature, qualitites, environment and importance. [More]

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