Eleventh House | Strength of The Eleventh House

November 26, 2011 12:10  astrowriter3
The eleventh house refers to gains, elder brother, friends, acquisitions, freedom from misery, and happy tidings. [More]

12th House | Various Aspects of 12th House

August 29, 2011 00:18  astrowriter3
The 12 bhavas or houses represent the complete history of an individual. The complete horoscope is studied and predictions are made with sufficient accuracy by the combination of planets and various aspects on the houses. [More]

Second house - Find the most fortunate dasha

July 17, 2011 10:00  astrowriter3
Second house is considered to be the Marak house but on the other hand is the house of wealth The analysis of 2nd house tells us the source of wealth, direction of wealth and ‘how much’ wealth an individual will get in his life. [More]

Trine House | Trikon Bhav | Kona Bhav | Analysis of Trine Houses

June 22, 2011 22:05  astrowriter3
Trine houses are known as the house of Laksmi. An individual acquires wealth in the Dasha/Antardasha of the Trine houses, when the lord of Trine houses in Kundali are forming auspicious relationships. [More]

5th House - Santan Bhav Meaning | Prem Bhava Meaning | Fifth House in Horoscope | 5th House in Indian Astrology

June 6, 2011 18:20  astrowriter3
The fifth house is also called Prem Bhava. It is the house of learning and is known as Trikona bhava or Panfar bhava. [More]

Karma Bhava Meaning | Dasham House in Horoscope | 10th House0 in Indian Astrology

May 31, 2011 20:26  cyrilgupta
The tenth house is a house of occupation and work.This house is the source of person's livelihood.It presents the popularity of a person.The tenth house indicates the person's business. [More]

Bhagya Bhava Meaning | Navam House in Horoscope | 9th House in Indian Astrology

May 31, 2011 20:20  cyrilgupta
Ninth house is the house of religion.This house represents the fortune.Other than this the ninth house is also a house of father and boy child.The religious belief of a person is depicted by this house.Ninth house interprets and defines the lord of a person. [More]

Gyati Bhava Meaning | Sixth House in Horoscope | 6th House in Indian Astrology

May 31, 2011 20:16  cyrilgupta
The sixth house in Vedic astrology is also known as Rog Bhava, Trik Bhava, Duhsthana, Upchaya, Apokalim and Trishadya Bhava. If this house is weak, then is not considered good. [More]

Jaya Bhava Meaning | Seventh House in Horoscope | 7th House in Indian Astrology

May 31, 2011 20:11  cyrilgupta
The seventh house is the house of marriage.It is also known as Vivah Bhava or Jaya Bhava. It describes the spouse.Other than this it also represents the desire of sex, marriage, foreign countries etc. [More]

Aayu Bhava Meaning | Ashtam House in Horoscope | 8th House in Indian Astrology

May 28, 2011 20:31  cyrilgupta
The eighth house is called the Aayu bhava and is related to the life span of a person. This house is also known as Trik house, Panfar house and Badhak house. [More]

Sukh Bhava Meaning | Fourth House in Horoscope | 4th House in Indian Astrology

May 27, 2011 21:56  cyrilgupta
Fourth house comes fourth in line counting from the ascendant in Kundali. [More]

Prem Bhava Meaning | Fifth House in Horoscope | 5th House in Indian Astrology

May 27, 2011 21:50  cyrilgupta
Fifth house represents love. It also known as the house of education.Other than this this house is also known as Panphar Bhava, Kon Bhava.Fifth house represents child, intelligence, betting, popularity, etc. [More]

Prakrama Bhava Meaning | Third House in Horoscope | 3rd House in Indian Astrology

May 26, 2011 21:10  cyrilgupta
Third House is also known as Power house.The other names of this house are Apikalim Bhava, Upchaya Bhava, Trishaya Bhava. Third house states the power of an individual, courage, longevity, younger brother, writings etc. [More]

Lagna Bhava Meaning | First House in Horoscope | Ist House in Indian Astrology

May 21, 2011 21:12  cyrilgupta
In Indian astrology , First house is known by many other names.This house is also known as lagana bhava, kendra bhava, and trikon bhava. Lagna Bhava is the strength of horoscope , and has a great significance as compared to other houses. [More]

Dhan Bhava Meaning | Second House in Horoscope | 2nd House in Indian Astrology

May 21, 2011 19:58  cyrilgupta
The second house in a Kundali is also known as Dwitiya Bhava. It is also commonly known as Panfar Bhava, Marak Bhava, Dhan Bhava, Kutumb Bhava and Vaak Bhava. [More]

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