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12 Months Career According to Astrology | Profession According to Vedic Astrology | Astrology and Career

In a financial year, to see the ups and down in the field of profession according to astrology, we need to analyse the Yoga (combinations), Dasha and Gochar (transit). According to astrology, Yoga

The Jupiter in Astrology । Know Your Planets- Jupiter | Jupiter and Choice of Profession

The source of Vedic astrology is 9 planets, 12 signs, and 27 constellations. Jupiter is one of the 9 planets. Jupiter is considered to be the mist auspicious planet of all. The factor of Jupiter is

Professional Life through Astrology | Career and Astrology

According to famous astrology Varahamihira, from the strongest planet of the Lagna, Sun or Moon, the Lord of 10th house from that planet, located in the D9(Navmansh Chart). People of that sign earn

Yogas of Doing Business Independently, Business Related Yogas, Career, Profession

Yogas for doing an Independent business Many people work under the supervision of someone like in a job. Other don’t like working under anyone and work independently to make a living. Some