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Pisces Sign Meaning | Pisces- An Introduction । Who is the Lord of the Pisces sign

Pisces people are compassionate and spiritual. They have a fear of God. They are even superstitious. People are under this sign are usually patient, intuitive and caring. They are also hesitant in

The Sun in Astrology | Know your planets-Sun surya | Surya Karakatatva | Sun represents which organs of the body

In astrology, sun is known to be the agent or representative of a father. Along with this, it is also the house of representative of the soul. In the livelihood of an individual, it becomes the

Aries Sign Meaning | An Introduction Aries Sign Moon Sign | Who is the Lord of the Aries sign

There are 12 signs in astrology. These signs influence a person’s life through their nature, qualitites, environment and importance. A person’s nature and environment depends on his birth

Diopside Gemstone | Diopside - Metaphysical Properties | Diopside - Healing Properties

This gemstone belongs to Pyroxene group, and is made from silicon and magnesium minerals. This gemstone is available in different categories of chromium, and found in bright colours known as

Effects of Saturn’s Transition in Libra Over India

Our old Seers and scholars, on the basis of their immense knowledge, have developed natal chart for almost each and every country. National Astrology which is technically termed as Mundane Astrology

Ruby | Ruby Gems - Effect of Ruby on Ascendants (Ruby Stone) Manik Stone

Is Wearing Ruby Stone Favourable for Me? Ruby stone is known by different names like: Kurwind, Vasuratna, Ratnanayak, Lohitratna, Raviratna and Lakshmi Pushya. In Hindi it is called Manik and in

Libra Lagna | Tula Lagna | Libra Ascendant | Tula Rashi | Libra Sign

Each Zodiac sign when ascending  carries its own definite mental, physical and personal characteristics. But is practically implied only if there is no planet in the first house or Lagna.

The Jupiter in Astrology । Know Your Planets- Jupiter | Jupiter and Choice of Profession

The source of Vedic astrology is 9 planets, 12 signs, and 27 constellations. Jupiter is one of the 9 planets. Jupiter is considered to be the mist auspicious planet of all. The factor of Jupiter is

Moosal Yoga | Nabhas Yoga | Moosal Yoga Results | Rajju Yoga | Nal Yoga Results

Nabhas Yoga is different from the other Yogas formed in a Kunali. It is believed that there are 3600 different types of Nabhas Yogas. Out of these 1800 have been divided into 32 categories depending

Tiger Eye Gemstone - Chiti Upratna (Ketu Substitute) | Who Should Wear Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is of dark yellow color. It is called Chiti in Hindi. It contains golden brown lines. Polishing is done to brighten the sub-stone. This substitute looks like the eye of a tiger hence, it is

Taurus Sign Meaning | Taurus - An Introduction | Who is the Lord of the Taurus sign

Astrology comprises of 12 signs. It has 360 elements. When these 360 elements are equally divided into 12 parts, the 12 signs are formed. A person’s life is influences by these 12 signs along

Mars in Pisces Sign

Pisces sign is the sign of Jupiter, who is the friend of Mars. Mangal (Mars) shall not give friendly results for everyone. Out of the 12 signs, this entry of Mars will bring profitable results for

Aries Lagna | Aries Ascendant

Each Zodiac sign when ascending  carries its own definite mental, physical and personal characteristics. But is practically implied only if there is no planet in the first house or Lagna.

Gemini Sign Meaning | Gemini - An Introduction | Who is the Lord of Gemini

Gemini people are highly intellectual in nature. Geminians behave as per the charactersticts of their sign. Gemini people are funny and attractive.Let’s study about Gemini as a sign in detail:

Kaulava Karana | What is Karana - Kaulava Karana Personality

Let us try to understand what is Karana before knowing its results. Half part of day is called Karana. There are 11 Karana. They are : Bava, Balva, Kaulava, Taitila, Gar, Vanija, Vishti, Shakuni,

Scorpio Sign Meaning | Scorpio - An Introduction । Who is the Lord of the Scorpio sign

  The Scorpio sun sign has been mentioned as a mysterious sign in Astrology. People born under this sign are of mysterious nature. They are imaginative and emotional. Such people are

Capricorn Sign Meaning | Capricorn - An Introduction । What is the Symbol of the Capricorn Sign

Capricorn people are usually moody, determined and ambitious. They are also trustworthy, reliable, responsible and disciplined. Such people are hard-working. They also give the best advice to others.

Which is more important-Gochar or Dasha | Transition of Planets

It has always been a point of debate weather Natives Vishmottari Dasha and Antardasha is more important or present Transitions of the planets Gochar phala means the present position and placement of

Mars Transit in Capricorn - Impact on Leo Moon Sign

On 8th January 2011, Mars will change the Rashi and enter its exalted sign. During this time, Mars will be transiting from your 6th house. As per the Chandra Kundali, Mars is the Lord of your 4th and

What is Moon Sign - Moon Sign Importance (Basis of Vedic Astrology)

In the Kundali, the sign in which Moon is located is called Moon sign. It is also known as Birth sign. In Vedic astrology, Moon is considered the most important out of all the planets. It is also