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Peridot Stone | Peridot For Venus (Peridot For Mercury)

Peridot is the mineral olivine of gems. This gemstone has iron content so its color is green. It also has the hue of golden yellow color. It is available in green color l ike olive. Peridot is of

Rose Quartz | Venus Sub-Stone (Who Should Wear Rose Quartz)

This sub-stone is found in light pink color with a hue of light yellow. The best substitute is the one having light pink color. Rose Quartz is known as the symbol of love. People who lack love in

Lapis Lazuli | Substitute of Blue Sapphire (Lapis Lazuli Gemstone)

Lapis Lazuli is the substitute of Blue Sapphire (gemstone of Saturn). This sub-stone is explained according to the stars of sky. It is blue in color and contains various kinds of blue color hue.

Sinhalite Gemstone

The gemstone has been named after Sinhala.Cylon Island was known as Sinhla or Sinhli in Sanskrit.Presently this is the ancient name of Sri-Lanka. Because this gem is found on this island , it is

Oynx - Substitue Of Hessonite (Gomed Substitute)

Onyx is found in many colors. It is of green color , mixture of green and yellow and parrot color. These are the main colors of Oynx. It is also found in white and smoky color. It contains lines of

Alexandrite Gemstone - (Substitute Of Chrysoberyl Group) | Harshal Upratna

It is the substitute of Chrysoberyl group. In Sanskrit, it is called Hem Ratna and Hemvedurya. It is known as Harshal in Hindi. In nature, it is found in different colors. Specialty of this gems is

Sukh Bhava Meaning | Fourth House in Horoscope | 4th House in Indian Astrology

SukhFourth house comes fourth in line counting from the ascendant in Kundali. The fourth house is related to the following : mother, domestic happiness, land, paternal property, stable - property,

Tourmaline Gemstone | Tourmaline Sub-Stone (Who Should Wear Tourmaline)

Tourmaline GemstoneTourmaline is called Vaikrant in Sanskrit and Shobhamani in Hindi. This sub-stone is found in all the colors present in nature. Hence, it is also called ‘Color

Turquoise Gemstone - (Venus Sub-Stone) | Peroj Upratna

Turquoise in Sanskrit is called as Peroj or Haritashm. This substitute is said to give abundance of everything. It is an opaque sub-stone and has a huge demand in the present time. Color of Turquoise

Andalusite Gemstone | Andalusite - Metaphysical Properties

A number of different colours can be seen in this Uparatna (Gemstone). It is a translucent stone and its shape depends on the way it is cut. Due to the cutting, it is seen green from some angles and

Iolite, the Substitute of Blue Sapphire - Iolite and Saturn astrology

Iolite is a substitute of Blue Sapphire. In Hindi, it is called Kaka Nili. It is found in various colors ranging from blue to purple. It is of blue, dark blue, purple, violet and purple color with a

What is The Crystal Beryllonite | Metaphysical And Healing Properties Of Beryllonite Crystal

This gemstone was discovered by Professor James Dwight Dana in 1888. As the quantity of Beryllium is more in this crystal, it is named as Beryllonite. It is a breakable gemstone. It should be

Pyrite | Pyrite Gemstone Meaning | Pyrite - Healing And Metaphysical Abilities | Fool's Gold Gemstone

The name of the gemstone is formed by a Greek word  Pyr , which means fire. This is one gemstone , which has remarkable similarity with gold.This gemstone gives the illusion of gold , and people

Chrysoprase Gemstone - Can I Wear Chrysoprase - Yellow Chrysoprase - Metaphysical Properties Of Chrysoprase

Many people get the illusion of Zed gemstone  by seeing Chrysoprase.Which is why it is should be studies carefully before buying.  It is of nickel pigment. The stones are big  in shape

Diopside Gemstone | Diopside - Metaphysical Properties | Diopside - Healing Properties

This gemstone belongs to Pyroxene group, and is made from silicon and magnesium minerals. This gemstone is available in different categories of chromium, and found in bright colours known as

Ruby | Ruby Gems - Effect of Ruby on Ascendants (Ruby Stone) Manik Stone

Is Wearing Ruby Stone Favourable for Me? Ruby stone is known by different names like: Kurwind, Vasuratna, Ratnanayak, Lohitratna, Raviratna and Lakshmi Pushya. In Hindi it is called Manik and in

Tiger Eye Gemstone - Chiti Upratna (Ketu Substitute) | Who Should Wear Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is of dark yellow color. It is called Chiti in Hindi. It contains golden brown lines. Polishing is done to brighten the sub-stone. This substitute looks like the eye of a tiger hence, it is

Raktamani Stone | Substitute of Ruby - Garnet (Manik Upratna)

Every person is worried about some or the other thing. In order to solve his problem, many a times he know and check his future. After which he gets many sorts of advices. He is given knowledge about

Amethyst | Substitute of Blue Sapphire (Neelam Upratna)

Amethyst is called Jamunia in Hindi. At many places it is known as Billor. It is worn as substitute of Blue Sapphire. This substitute is found in abundance in nature. It is colorless. The Amethyst

Shakuni Karana : Profession Area | 11 Karana | When is Shakuni Karana | Shakuni Karana : Profession Area

A person born in Shakuni Karna is efficient in solving up disputes. He has the ability of making agreements and handle disturbed issues. He knows how to built up coordination in big companies. He