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Nirjala Ekadasi Fast 2019 | Bheamsen Ekadahi

During the Hindu month, the Ekadasi date is considered very important. And in that nirjala ekadasi has been given special importance. Ekadasi date is considered dear to Lord Krishna. On the day of

How to Observe Fast? | What is Vrat? | Vrat-Resolution

How to observe fast In the Indian Hindu scriptures, fast are considered as a might act. Scriptures state a belief that observing fast helps in the attainment of mental peace and happiness and fulfil

Sawan Month | Importance of Sawan Month | Why Shiva Puja is Done

There are a lot of indications about the beginning of Sawan month. Dense clouds can be seen in the sky during the Sawan month. These clouds relieve the earth from the heat on raining. This month

What is Prashna Kundali | Use of Prashna Kundali - Importance of Prashna Kundali

If we try to understand Prashna Kundali in simple words then it is just the map of transiting planets at that instance of time. Suddenly a wish is born in the mind, what will be future of this

Pratipada Tithi | Pratipada Meaning | What is Tithi in Hindu Calender | How is Tithi Calculated

First date of Moon month is called as Pratipada. One moon month is formed by 30 dates. Each month has 2 Paksha, one is Shukla and the other is Krishna Paksha. Both Paksha have 14 dates. In a month,

Auspiciousness of Wednesday in Daily Life (Work Done on Wednesday)

Muhurta has great importance in Vedic astrology. People consider Muhurta before to perform any important task because it brings positivity in the time and will assist you get good results. But, we

Hal Yoga- Nabhasa Yoga । Shringatak Yoga | Vapi Yoga Results

Hal Yoga is formed when all the planets in a Kundali are placed in second houses from each other and from the ascendant. This Yoga falls in the category of Nabhas Yogas and has been named according

Taurus Lagna | Taurus Ascendant

Each Zodiac sign when ascending  carries its own definite mental, physical and personal characteristics. But is practically implied only if there is no planet in the first house or Lagna.

Auspicious Works Done On Sunday (What Tasks Should Be Performed on Sunday)

One can determine the auspicious Muhurtha according to days to perform auspicious tasks. In this article we will talk about the tasks auspicious to perform on Sundays: Auspicious Direction for

Gyati Bhava Meaning | Sixth House in Horoscope | 6th House in Indian Astrology

The sixth house is known as the Gyati bhava. It is also known by various other names like Rog bhava, Trik bhava, Duhsthan bhava, Upachaya bhava, Apoklim bhava and Trishadaya bhava. It is best for a

Falgun Month-12 Moon Month | Hindu Calendar Margashirsha Month

Peron born in Falgun month is fair in color. He take interest in works of Charity. And, he is able to earn money through intellectual tasks. All his works depict his intelligence. He enjoys all sorts

Monday Fast - Lord Shiva Fast | Solah Somvar Vrat ( Monday Fast Story)

Fast on Monday is observed to please Lord Shiva. In Monday fast, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped.  All men and women can observe this fast. Observing the fast in systematic manner

Chaughadia Muhurat (How to Use Chogadia) - Importance of Chaughadia Muhurat

Chaughadiya Muhurat is specially used in Ahmadabad of Gujarat. This Muhurat is used for the works related to dealing. Business man who deal with different items daily, they make use of the favorable

Aayu Bhava Meaning | Ashtam House in Horoscope | 8th House in Indian Astrology

The eighth house is called the Aayu bhava and is related to the life span of a person. This house is also known as Trik house, Panfar house and Badhak house. The subjects related to the eighth house

What is the Vasuman Yoga | Shubha Kartari Yoga | Papa Kartari Yoga | Parijat Yoga | Parvata Yoga | Khal Yoga | Dainya Yoga

When the yoga is in Mercury , Jupiter and Venus ascendant, or is in the Third , sixth, tenth, and eleventh house from the moon then Vasuman Yoga is formed. This yoga makes a person extremely wealthy.

Gana Milan - Ashta Koot Milan | Ashtakoot Matching System

In Hindu culture , before the marriage takes place the horoscopes of bride and the groom are matched .This horoscope matching is also known as Ashta Koot Milan.Horoscope matching has a significant

Worshipping Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan | Importance of Belpatra

The devotees of Lord Shiva worship him according to their faith and devotion. Everyone is involved in worshipping Lord Shiva. The importance of worshipping Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan has been

Dwitiya Tithi | Hindu Tithi | Dwitiya Meaning | Tithi Vaar Yoga

Dwitiya Tithi is known with different names. It is called as Dooj or Duj. Owner of this date is lord Brahma. Person born on this date should worship god Brahma. Other name of this date is called

Trayodashi Tithi - Hindu Calendar Date | How is Trayodashi Tithi Formed

The person born on Trayodashi Tithi , is highly blessed with wisdom .He knows many disciples, and is always interested to add to his knowledge . The person gains expertise in many religious

Ekadasi Tithi - Hindu Calendar Date । Ekadashi Fast Importace । Ekadasi Tithi Yoga | Dwadashi Tithi

There are 30 days in one Lunar Month. As well as a lunar month is made ​​up from two aspects. The Eleventh date of both the aspects are called the EkaDashi Tithi. Of all the Tithi’s , Ekadashi