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Effect of Conjunction of six planets | Conjuction of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn

Every person is born with different auspicious and inauspicious Yogas. These Yogas and Dasha provide a person with positive as well as negative results. The planets involved in these Yogas provide a

The Sun in Astrology/ Know your planets-Sun surya/ Surya Karakatatva/ Sun represents which organs of the body

In astrology, sun is known to be the agent or representative of a father. Along with this, it is also the house of representative of the soul. In the livelihood of an individual, it becomes the

How to Observe Fast? | What is Vrat? | Vrat-Resolution

How to observe fast In the Indian Hindu scriptures, fast are considered as a might act. Scriptures state a belief that observing fast helps in the attainment of mental peace and happiness and fulfil

The Mercury in Astrology । Know Your Planets- Mercury | Which is the beej mantra of the Mercury.

According to astrology, the various features of Mercury are Wisdom, Education, Friends, Trade and Business, Mathematics, Scientific knowledge, Speech, Print, Teaching, Family, Pearls, Oysters, Black

Effects of Saturn’s Transition in Libra Over India

Our old Seers and scholars, on the basis of their immense knowledge, have developed natal chart for almost each and every country. National Astrology which is technically termed as Mundane Astrology

Raktamani Stone | Substitute of Ruby - Garnet (Manik Upratna)

Every person is worried about some or the other thing. In order to solve his problem, many a times he know and check his future. After which he gets many sorts of advices. He is given knowledge about

Red Jasper Stone | Substitute of Ruby (Manikya Upratna) - Red Jasper Gemstone

Lal Suryakantmani is also called Red Jasper. This substitute of Manikya is opaque. Out of all the substitutes of Manik, the most effective and maximum sold is the Red Jasper. This substitute is said

Kendra Bhavas (Angle Houses) | Significance of Kendra Bhava

If we look at the horoscope we find there are 12 houses. They are well balanced with 6 beneficial houses and 6 evil houses. Of the 6 beneficial houses 4 house are the Kendra houses. These kendra

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra - Characteristics of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra | Poorvashaha Nakshatra Career

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra is called Jal Nakshatra. Venus is the lord of this Nakshatra. Hence, a person born in this Nakshatra has the influence of Venus on his nature and behaviour. He is a generous

Manu-Samhita | History of Astorlogy | What is Manusmriti । Surya Pragyapati।

Saint Manu is respected and honoured in Indian astrology’s history. Saint Manu not only created religious texts but also a number of different astrological texts which have been considered very

Cassiterite Gemstone/ Cassiterite-Metaphysical properties

  Cassiterite is a very important and rare ore which is found in the form of tin. This gemstone is found in black, light black, blackish brown, in yellow, with an essence of green, red and in

Parashara Siddhanta- History of Astrology | Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra | Brahmagupta Jyotishacharya - History of Astrology

Acharya Vasishta in relation to the principles of astrology were the disciples of Sage Parashara . It wont be wrong to consider Acharya Parashara as the founder of the Astrology. It is also been said

Aventurine Gemstone - Types of Aventurine | Gemstone of Mercury (Emerald Substitute)

Aventurine is said to increase self confidence and peace. It looks like a glass of green color. It has dark spots of green colors.  Red and brown colored artificial sub-stone are made by mixing

The Rahu in Astrology । Know Your Planets- Rahu | Which Gemstone must be hold for the Rahu.

Rahu develops a person’s interest in research. The Karak things related to Rahu are as follows. Harsh voice, life abroad, travel, famine, desires, stains on the skin, skin diseases, snakes and

What is Moon Sign - Moon Sign Importance (Basis of Vedic Astrology)

In the Kundali, the sign in which Moon is located is called Moon sign. It is also known as Birth sign. In Vedic astrology, Moon is considered the most important out of all the planets. It is also

Which direction represents Mercury | Mercury is the lord of which sign | Which is the beej mantra of Mercury

It is believed that the person under this sign has the following attributes, intelligence, teaching ability, friends, business and trade, mathematics, scientific, ability to gain knowledge,

Introduction to Horary Astrology(Prasna Tantra) | Three main divisions of Astrological Science

The three main divisions of Astrological Science are as follows: 1. Predictive Astrology (Jataka) 2. Electional Astrology (Muhurtha)  3. Horary Astrology (Prasna Tantra). Horary Astrology is

Nich Bhanga Rajyoga Formation | Neech Bhanga Rajyoga Results

A planet is weak when it is in a debilitated position in a sign. In such a condition, the planet is unable to provide with auspicious and good results. But it’s condition can be improved by the

Mundane Astrology | Meaning of Mundane Astrology

Mundane means anything related to the material world. In terms of astrology, it is interpreted as State or National. Thus, the Astrology of States or Nationals helps to predict the events of the

Pearl Gemstone | Moti (Pearl Stone) - Pearl Benefits

Is Wearing Pearl Favourable for Me? Moon stone Pearl is known by different names like: Moti, Mukta, Moktim, Induratna and Shairatna. Wearing this stone according to the ascendant gives the person