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The Ashtakavarga System | Effectiveness of the Ashtakvarga

Astrology has become a a diversified subject. To make the predictions accurate and to the point various methods and systems have been developed by great Intellectuals and Astrologers. The prominent

How is Bheri Yoga Formed | Pushkal Yoga | Viranchi Yoga | Shubhachari Yoga | Kalsarp Yoga | Akhandh Samrajya Yoga

Bheri Yoga is formed when the Ascendant, Jupiter and Venus are in the centre from each other and the ninth house is strong or when Venus is in the first, second, seventh or twelfth house from Mercury

Rishi Garg - History of Astrology | Garga Samhita | Narad Puran

Garga Rishi is one of the important 18 Saints of astrology. Rishi Garga has majourly contributed in  VastuShastra and Ayurveda. Garga Purana describes the rules of astrology in detail. 

What is Prashna Kundali | Use of Prashna Kundali - Importance of Prashna Kundali

If we try to understand Prashna Kundali in simple words then it is just the map of transiting planets at that instance of time. Suddenly a wish is born in the mind, what will be future of this

Analysis of Horoscope through the Ashtakavarga Table | Different Methods of Judging the Horoscope

Analysis of the chart and making the perfect predictions requires mixing of different methods of judging the horoscope. Ashtakavarga is the system of analyzing chart with respect to   8

Ashlesha Nakshatra | Ashlesha Nakshatra Chacertistics (Ashlesha Nakshatra Career)

Nakshatra is the group of stars. They have a significant place in Indian astrology. Nakshatras have been analyzed since ancient times. Personality of an individual is analysed by knowing the

Moosal Yoga | Nabhas Yoga | Moosal Yoga Results | Rajju Yoga | Nal Yoga Results

Nabhas Yoga is different from the other Yogas formed in a Kunali. It is believed that there are 3600 different types of Nabhas Yogas. Out of these 1800 have been divided into 32 categories depending

Dhan Bhava Meaning | Second House in Horoscope | 2nd House in Indian Astrology

The second house in a Kundali is also known as Dwitiya Bhava. It is also commonly known as Panfar Bhava, Marak Bhava, Dhan Bhava, Kutumb Bhava and Vaak Bhava. What does Dhan Bhava denote  Dhan

Hal Yoga- Nabhasa Yoga । Shringatak Yoga | Vapi Yoga Results

Hal Yoga is formed when all the planets in a Kundali are placed in second houses from each other and from the ascendant. This Yoga falls in the category of Nabhas Yogas and has been named according

Taurus Sign Meaning | Taurus - An Introduction | Who is the Lord of the Taurus sign

Astrology comprises of 12 signs. It has 360 elements. When these 360 elements are equally divided into 12 parts, the 12 signs are formed. A person’s life is influences by these 12 signs along

Yug Yoga-Nabhasa Yoga। Kedar Yoga | Ekavali Yoga Results

In Astrology, Yoga means the conjunction of two planets. Additionally, a Yoga can also be formed due to mutual relations between two planets. A Yoga is also formed even when two or more planets are

Prakrama Bhava Meaning | Third House in Horoscope | 3rd House in Indian Astrology

The third house is also called the Parakrama house. This house is also known as Apiklim, Upchaya and Trishdaya house. Some things related to the third house are strength, courage, longevity, little

Mars in Pisces Sign

Pisces sign is the sign of Jupiter, who is the friend of Mars. Mangal (Mars) shall not give friendly results for everyone. Out of the 12 signs, this entry of Mars will bring profitable results for

Moosal Yoga | Nabhas Yoga | Moosal Yoga Results | Rajju Yoga | Nal Yoga Results

Nabhas Yoga is different from the others Yogas forming in a horoscope. It is believed that there are total 3600 Nabhas Yoga, out of which 1800 are classified into 32 yogas based on different

Kendra Bhavas (Angle Houses) | Significance of Kendra Bhava

If we look at the horoscope we find there are 12 houses. They are well balanced with 6 beneficial houses and 6 evil houses. Of the 6 beneficial houses 4 house are the Kendra houses. These kendra

What is the Vasuman Yoga | Shubha Kartari Yoga | Papa Kartari Yoga | Parijat Yoga | Parvata Yoga | Khal Yoga | Dainya Yoga

When the yoga is in Mercury , Jupiter and Venus ascendant, or is in the Third , sixth, tenth, and eleventh house from the moon then Vasuman Yoga is formed. This yoga makes a person extremely wealthy.

Durdhara Yoga - Chandradi Yoga | Durdhara Yoga Astrology | Durdhara Yoga What is it

Durdhara Yoga is formed in a Kundali when not only Sun but also Moon is the Lord of the second house and the twelfth house . People born in this Yoga have all the luxuries since birth. The person is

Gana Milan - Ashta Koot Milan | Ashtakoot Matching System

In Hindu culture , before the marriage takes place the horoscopes of bride and the groom are matched .This horoscope matching is also known as Ashta Koot Milan.Horoscope matching has a significant

Manu-Samhita | History of Astorlogy | What is Manusmriti । Surya Pragyapati।

Saint Manu is respected and honoured in Indian astrology’s history. Saint Manu not only created religious texts but also a number of different astrological texts which have been considered very

Karak Planets | Importance of Karak Planets

The horoscope is made up of 12 houses. Each house has its own virtue and property. This property of the house is positively or negatively influenced by two sources - the Zodiac Sign and the planets.