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Rose Quartz | Venus Sub-Stone (Who Should Wear Rose Quartz)

This sub-stone is found in light pink color with a hue of light yellow. The best substitute is the one having light pink color. Rose Quartz is known as the symbol of love. People who lack love in

Pisces Sign Meaning | Pisces- An Introduction । Who is the Lord of the Pisces sign

Pisces people are compassionate and spiritual. They have a fear of God. They are even superstitious. People are under this sign are usually patient, intuitive and caring. They are also hesitant in

Auspiciousness of Tuesday in Daily Life (Work Done on Tuesday)

In the ancient times, most of the people preferred to analyze Muhurta before to start every tasks, but, in today’s era, people consider Muhurta for only important tasks because nobody is able

Sukh Bhava Meaning | Fourth House in Horoscope | 4th House in Indian Astrology

SukhFourth house comes fourth in line counting from the ascendant in Kundali. The fourth house is related to the following : mother, domestic happiness, land, paternal property, stable - property,

Turquoise Gemstone - (Venus Sub-Stone) | Peroj Upratna

Turquoise in Sanskrit is called as Peroj or Haritashm. This substitute is said to give abundance of everything. It is an opaque sub-stone and has a huge demand in the present time. Color of Turquoise

Sphalerite Gemstone Meaning | Metaphysical Properties Of Sphalerite | Healing Crystals Of sphalerite

This is a rare Uparatna ( Gemstone ). It is more lustrous in comparison to Diamond. It was discovered by E.F Glocker in 1847. The word Sphalerite was derived from a Greek word meaning incredible or

5th House - Santan Bhav Meaning | Prem Bhava Meaning | Fifth House in Horoscope | 5th House in Indian Astrology

The fifth house is also called Prem Bhava. It is the house of learning and is known as Trikona bhava or Panfar bhava. It is related to the following : children, wisdom, intelligence, gambling, fame,

Ruby | Ruby Gems - Effect of Ruby on Ascendants (Ruby Stone) Manik Stone

Is Wearing Ruby Stone Favourable for Me? Ruby stone is known by different names like: Kurwind, Vasuratna, Ratnanayak, Lohitratna, Raviratna and Lakshmi Pushya. In Hindi it is called Manik and in

Libra Lagna | Tula Lagna | Libra Ascendant | Tula Rashi | Libra Sign

Each Zodiac sign when ascending  carries its own definite mental, physical and personal characteristics. But is practically implied only if there is no planet in the first house or Lagna.

Tiger Eye Gemstone - Chiti Upratna (Ketu Substitute) | Who Should Wear Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is of dark yellow color. It is called Chiti in Hindi. It contains golden brown lines. Polishing is done to brighten the sub-stone. This substitute looks like the eye of a tiger hence, it is

Effect of Sign Present in Ascendant । Movable Sign | Fixed Sign | Dual Sign

According to the scholars, the person choice to enter in a business depends on the sign present in the ascendant. A person makes his living according to the sign that appears in the ascendant and the

Auspiciousness of Wednesday in Daily Life (Work Done on Wednesday)

Muhurta has great importance in Vedic astrology. People consider Muhurta before to perform any important task because it brings positivity in the time and will assist you get good results. But, we

Auspiciousness of Friday in Daily Life (Work Done on Thursday)

Analysis of auspicious Muhurtas for tasks will make possible for you to meet your goals easily. But, it is tough to find accurate Muhurta for every work and nobody has spare time to wait for the

Petalite Gemstone Meaning | Petalite - Stone Of The Angels | Petalite - Metaphysical, Healing Ability

With the presence of Mars in the 12th place from Moon, Mars Anapha Yoga is formed. Such a person is the leader of his group. The person is energetic, proud and stays in his limits. He is usually

Gana Milan - Ashta Koot Milan | Ashtakoot Matching System

In Hindu culture , before the marriage takes place the horoscopes of bride and the groom are matched .This horoscope matching is also known as Ashta Koot Milan.Horoscope matching has a significant

Yug Yoga-Nabhasa Yoga। Kedar Yoga | Ekavali Yoga Results

In Astrology, Yoga means the conjunction of two planets. Additionally, a Yoga can also be formed due to mutual relations between two planets. A Yoga is also formed even when two or more planets are

Varshaphala | Varsha Kundli and its importance

Vedic Astrology has been studied under three most popular systems  The Parashari System: Maharshi Parashar in this system has described the complete system giving priority to the  planets

Saint Vedvyas - The History of Astrology | Kashyap Rishi

Saint Vedvyas is believed to be Saint Parashar’s son. The form of astrology used in modern times is a part of Parashara astrology. Rishi Vedvyas is not only among those 18 saints who introduced

Aarti of Goddess Ekadasi | Ekadashi Aarti

Om Jai Ekadashi, Jai Ekadashi, Jai Ekadashi Mata | Vishnu Puja Vrat Ko Dharan Kar, Shakti Mukti Pata || Om || Tere Naam Ginau Devi, Bhakti Pradan Krni | Gan Gaurav Ki Deni Mata, Shashtro Mai Varni ||

Gyati Bhava Meaning | Sixth House in Horoscope | 6th House in Indian Astrology

The sixth house is known as the Gyati bhava. It is also known by various other names like Rog bhava, Trik bhava, Duhsthan bhava, Upachaya bhava, Apoklim bhava and Trishadaya bhava. It is best for a