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The Ashtakavarga System | Effectiveness of the Ashtakvarga

Astrology has become a a diversified subject. To make the predictions accurate and to the point various methods and systems have been developed by great Intellectuals and Astrologers. The prominent

Lapis Lazuli | Substitute of Blue Sapphire (Lapis Lazuli Gemstone)

Lapis Lazuli is the substitute of Blue Sapphire (gemstone of Saturn). This sub-stone is explained according to the stars of sky. It is blue in color and contains various kinds of blue color hue.

Sinhalite Gemstone

The gemstone has been named after Sinhala.Cylon Island was known as Sinhla or Sinhli in Sanskrit.Presently this is the ancient name of Sri-Lanka. Because this gem is found on this island , it is

12 Months Career According to Astrology | Profession According to Vedic Astrology | Astrology and Career

In a financial year, to see the ups and down in the field of profession according to astrology, we need to analyse the Yoga (combinations), Dasha and Gochar (transit). According to astrology, Yoga

Astrology and Career | Important Role in Career Planing | Opting Right Career Stream

Astrology plays an important role in career planing and opting the right career stream. As per Cicero “It is fortune, not wisdom that rules man’s life” Also it is said that

Tourmaline Gemstone | Tourmaline Sub-Stone (Who Should Wear Tourmaline)

Tourmaline GemstoneTourmaline is called Vaikrant in Sanskrit and Shobhamani in Hindi. This sub-stone is found in all the colors present in nature. Hence, it is also called ‘Color

Andalusite Gemstone | Andalusite - Metaphysical Properties

A number of different colours can be seen in this Uparatna (Gemstone). It is a translucent stone and its shape depends on the way it is cut. Due to the cutting, it is seen green from some angles and

Sphalerite Gemstone Meaning | Metaphysical Properties Of Sphalerite | Healing Crystals Of sphalerite

This is a rare Uparatna ( Gemstone ). It is more lustrous in comparison to Diamond. It was discovered by E.F Glocker in 1847. The word Sphalerite was derived from a Greek word meaning incredible or

What is The Crystal Beryllonite | Metaphysical And Healing Properties Of Beryllonite Crystal

This gemstone was discovered by Professor James Dwight Dana in 1888. As the quantity of Beryllium is more in this crystal, it is named as Beryllonite. It is a breakable gemstone. It should be

Pyrite | Pyrite Gemstone Meaning | Pyrite - Healing And Metaphysical Abilities | Fool's Gold Gemstone

The name of the gemstone is formed by a Greek word  Pyr , which means fire. This is one gemstone , which has remarkable similarity with gold.This gemstone gives the illusion of gold , and people

Aries Sign Meaning | An Introduction Aries Sign Moon Sign | Who is the Lord of the Aries sign

There are 12 signs in astrology. These signs influence a person’s life through their nature, qualitites, environment and importance. A person’s nature and environment depends on his birth

Chrysoprase Gemstone - Can I Wear Chrysoprase - Yellow Chrysoprase - Metaphysical Properties Of Chrysoprase

Many people get the illusion of Zed gemstone  by seeing Chrysoprase.Which is why it is should be studies carefully before buying.  It is of nickel pigment. The stones are big  in shape

Dhan Bhava Meaning | Second House in Horoscope | 2nd House in Indian Astrology

The second house in a Kundali is also known as Dwitiya Bhava. It is also commonly known as Panfar Bhava, Marak Bhava, Dhan Bhava, Kutumb Bhava and Vaak Bhava. What does Dhan Bhava denote  Dhan

Worship of Lord Shiva | Importance of Belpatra | Procedure of Worship of Lord Shiva

The devotees of Lord Shiva worship him according to their faith and devotion. Everyone is involved in worshipping Lord Shiva. The importance of worshipping Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan has been

Dolomite Gemstone - Dolomite Meaning - Dolomite, Metaphysical Properties - Dolomite, Healing Crystals

This crystal was founded in 1791 by a French fossil scientist named Deodat De Dolomieu while travelling through the Alps. It was on his name that this crystal, founded its name of Dolomite. This

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Prakrama Bhava Meaning | Third House in Horoscope | 3rd House in Indian Astrology

The third house is also called the Parakrama house. This house is also known as Apiklim, Upchaya and Trishdaya house. Some things related to the third house are strength, courage, longevity, little

Substitute of Ruby | Laaladi | Suryamani (Who Should Wear Laaladi or Suryamani Upratna)

The first Shloka of Rigveda mentions about gemstones. Also, importance of Ratna is mentioned in Agni Puran, Devi Bhagwad, Mahabharata etc. In order to remove the Dosh or defects of Kundali, every

Charoite Gemstone | Charoite - Meaning | Properties Of Charoite

Charoite gemstone was first found in 1947 in Russia in the mountains of Myron in Yakut but the information about this gemstone was available in as early as 1940. At that time, this gemstone was found

Moosal Yoga | Nabhas Yoga | Moosal Yoga Results | Rajju Yoga | Nal Yoga Results

Nabhas Yoga is different from the others Yogas forming in a horoscope. It is believed that there are total 3600 Nabhas Yoga, out of which 1800 are classified into 32 yogas based on different