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Aries March 2014 | Monthly Horoscope Aries March 2014 - Aries 2014 Rashifal

Monthly Horoscope for Aries March 2014

Aries March Predictions 2014

The people having Aries sign, will be financially satisfied during this month. You are likely to get good results. If you have given loan to someone then at this moment, you are likely to get it back. Due to Jupiter transiting in third house you will be successful in your efforts.

But your mental dissatisfaction can grow and in addition to this you can get into some minor fights. However, due to the influence of Jupiter, the situation can be handled. As a result of being involved in some religious activities, you might go on some long distance trips. This month your stress can increase due to the interruptions from other people. With this, your love affairs can also cause discomfort.

Aries Career March 2014

The interruptions that had remained at the workplace now appear to be resolved at a great extend. But at this moment, do not plan to start new work with someone because you will not achieve good results. Due to good indications in economic field, your money related problems will be over.

The relation between the tenth lord and malefic planets may generate changes in work conditions. At this moment talks about your job can be raised but you will be able to keep your seniors calm and relaxed. You may remain disturbed due to the behaviour of your colleagues. But the auspicious aspect of Jupiter will not be able to spoil your image. The equal circumstances of profit and loss will remain in business. It would not be suitable to start working on a new project at this moment.

Aries Students March 2014

The beginning of the month may bring in good results. You may consider of taking up a language course or you can be involved in more than one activity. At this moment you may remain quite busy. You may remain under pressure but do not worry as the situation will remain in your favour. Students will get good results in the educational activities they are involved in. Additionally you can find high level results. You can go away from home for education and you may have to travel.

Aries Health March 2014

In terms of health, the month will remain normal. You may remain upset because of other people’s trouble. As well as a situation of stress may arise due to others. Stomach problems may increase over time. If you adopt some meditation and yoga practices, so all the problems will end automatically.

Aries Family March 2014

Brothers in the family will continue to support. You can plan to go on a trip with them and the cooperation of family members may remain. Whatever your reaction was on something may now cool down. You will have to go through a lot of problems while taking loan or thinking about financial matters. Your brothers and friends will prove out to be helpful for you. You can get some economic benefits from them. You will get positive indications from children. You may feel proud because of their actions. You may spend some money on them. There may be disputes in marriage. Differences may exceed, but still keep yourself calm. At this time, it is necessary to take care of your partner’s health because there health appears to be affected.

Aries Remedies March 2014

The people of Aries sign should light a lamp of jasmine oil in front of Hanuman ji on every tuesday and saturday and chant the mantra ‘om hanumate namah’. This will suppress your mental and physical problems.

March 2014 Special Festivals and Fasts

  • 1st March 2014, Saturday, Phalgun Amavas
  • 3rd March 2014, Monday, Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans jayanti
  • 5th March 2014, Wednesday, Yagyavalkya jayanti
  • 8th March 2014, Saturday, holashtak start, Annapurna ashtami
  • 12th March 2014, Wednesday, Amalaki ekadashi fast, govind dwadashi
  • 14th March 2014, Friday, Chaitra Sankranti, Pradosh fast
  • 15th March 2014, Saturday, Maheshvar fast
  • 16th March 2014, Sunday, Phalgun purnima, holi ka vahan, holastik end, Sri Chaitanya mahaprabhu jayanti
  • 17th March 2014, Monday, Vasant utsav, Holi, Holi mela, Sri anandpur and ponta sahib
  • 18th March 2014, Tuesday, Sant tukaram Jayanti
  • 20th March 2014, Thursday, Sri Ganesh chaturthi fast, Shri bhagwan narayan jayanti, Mahavishnu devas
  • 21st March 2014, Friday, Shri Rang panchami, Mela navchandi
  • 22nd March 2014, Saturday, Eknath shashti fast
  • 24th March 2014, Monday, Sheetala ashtami fast
  • 27th March 2014, Thursday, Papamochani ekadashi fas
  • t
  • 28th March 2014, Friday, Pradosh fast, Varudi yog
  • 29th March 2014, Saturday, Mass shivaratri fast, Pradodak pehowa teerth mela
  • 31st March 2014, Monday, Vasant navratri start, ghatsthapana

The planetary positions in March 2014 will be as follows

  • Till the middle of the month, Sun will remain in Aquarius, after that on 14th March 2014, Sun will enter Pisces sign.
  • On 1st March 2014, Mars will transit in Libra at 21:52 in retrograding position. Thereafter, on 25th March 2014 at 09:48 Mars will enter Virgo sign in retrograding position.
  • During the beginning of the month, Mercury will transit in Capricorn. Thereafter, on 12th March at 09:33 will enter in Aquarius sign.
  • On 6th March 2014 Jupiter will direct and transit in Gemini during the whole month.
  • Venus will transit in Capricorn sign during the whole month. On 31st March 2014 at 10:03 Venus will enter Aquarius sign.
  • Saturn will transit in Libra sign during the whole month.
  • Rahu will transit in Libra sign during the whole month.
  • Ketu will transit in Aries sign during the whole month.
  • Samasaptaka YogFrom 25 March till 13 April 2014, there will be samasaptaka yog of Mars in Pisces - virgo.
  • Teengrahi yogFrom 4 February till 24 March, there will be teengrahi yog of Mars, Saturn and Rahu in Libra sign.

March 2014 - Panchak

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
27 March 19:54 1 April 24:27

March 2014- Gandamoola

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
3 March 15:11 5 March 13:59
13 March 05:17 15 March 10:23
22 March 16:07 24 March 14:10
31 March 01:31 1 April 23:57

March 2014 - Bhadra

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
4 March 17:25 5 March 04:49
8 March 06:06 8 March 19:01
12 March 01:57 12 March 15:12
15 March 21:20 16 March 09:59
19 March 12:03 19 March 24:04
22 March 21:47 23 March 09:00
26 March 02:41 26 March 13:24
29 March 05:06 29 March 15:49

March 2014 - Sarvardha siddhi Yog

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
2 March 16:50 3 March Sunrise
4 March 14:12 5 March Sunrise
8 March Sunrise 8 March 17:57
16 March 12:24 17 March Sunrise
21 March 16:30 22 March Sunrise
23 March 15:20 24 March Sunrise
30 March Sunrise 30 March 25:31

March 2014 - Amrit Siddhi Yog

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
4 March 14:12 5 March Sunrise
8 March Sunrise 8 March 17:57

March 2014 - Ravi Yog

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
3 March 15:11 4 March 14:12
4 March 22:57 5 March 13:59
6 March 14:34 7 March 15:55
9 March 20:30 12 March 02:22
14 March 07:59 15 March 10:23
22 March 16:07 23 March 15:20

March 2014 - Guru pushya Yog

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
12 March 02:22 12 March Sunrise

March 2014 - Dwipushkar Yog

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
18 March 15:15 18 March 24:01

March 2014 - Tripushkar Yog

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
02 March 10:28 02 March 16:50

Auspicious Marriage Muhurat for March 2014

Date Day Lagna
2st March Sunday Pratipada and Dwitiya Tithi, Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, Godhuli lagna. Virgo ascendant at night, donation of Moon. Sagittarius ascendant, donation of Jupiter. Donation of Mars and Rahu in Capricorn.
3rd March Monday Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, Taurus ascendant during the day, donation of Jupiter and Ketu. Cancer ascendant during the day, donation and puja of Rahu. donation and puja of Venus and Mercury in seventh house. Kranti Samay dosha from 17:50 to 23:12, Mrityubodh dosha after 23:00 pm.
4th March Tuesday Ashwini Nakshatra, Godhuli lagna, Sagittarius ascendant at night, donation of Jupiter, moon and Mars. Donation of Mercury and Venus in Capricorn ascendant, Tithi dosha parihara at night ascendant, lack of yuti dosha of Moon in friendly sign. Bhadra auspicious in heaven. It is considered to be important to take care of all the auspicious yogas. At the same time you may still have to pay attention towards the incidents that occurred. The situation is likely to be exposed in front of everyone.
5th March Wednesday Taurus Ascendant during the day, donation of Moon, Mars and ketu, Yuti dosha parihara of Moon in friendly sign.
7th March Friday Godhuli Lagna, donation of Mars and Rahu in Virgo Ascendant, donation of Jupiter and Rahu.

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