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Gemini December 2013 | Monthly Horoscope Gemini December 2013 - Gemini 2013 Rashifal

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini December 2013

Gemini December Predictions 2013

For you fluctuation may persist during this month. By the middle of the month, you may have to face hardships economically. Due to health related problems you may have to make rounds of the hospital. The situation of discord may arise at home due to your sister, brother or any other reason. Differences may arise in your married life due to the influence of some other person. To maintain family happiness you will have to make considerable efforts.

You will have to face lots of problems in childbirth or else your ideological differences may emerge with your children. People who are planning to have children for them the month is said to be favourable and during this month you can get the good news. People who are already involved in love affairs a rift may arise between their relation and a minor misunderstanding can be possessed as furious. If you want the love affairs to run smoothly then you must respect the feelings of your love and you should have a little control over your willfulness. The time is not seen to be favourable for getting into new relationships.

Gemini Career December 2013

The time is not said to be great for work, working people may have to endure the pressure of senior officials. To fulfill success and achieve goals in your work you will work really hard but you will not get results as per your efforts. There are chances of getting some relief after the middle of the month. There is a possibility of change of department in your work area, for which you should be prepared. If you belong to the technical field then the time after the mid month is said to be the best time for you. Your opponents can plot schemes and fill the ears of senior officials against you but they will be unsuccessful in their moves.

If you are involved in business then this month is not said to be favourable. You will face many obstacles and interruptions in your work. You will try to pursue your work diligently but at the last moment circumstances may be against you or you will have many difficulties in getting new orders. To deal with them you should use new systems.

Gemini Students December 2013

For students, this month will bring in mixed results. During the beginning of the month you may remain engaged in pleasure and become a victim of bad company and would become careless, whose bad effect may be seen clearly on your education and by the third week of the month when you will realise your mistake, by then you will be lagging behind but still to improve your mistake you will start focussing on your studies but you will require substantial effort to understand the same topic again and again. People who are related to research work they need to be cautious because your little carelessness can spoil your entire research.

Gemini Health December 2013

This month is not suitable for you in terms of health. You may have to suffer from some stomach related problems like there can be some infection in your stomach. You must pay attention towards your diet and cleanliness around you. To escape from having ringworm, eczema and scabies you should avoid wearing clothes of others. You must sacrifice laziness and go for a morning walk regularly.

Gemini Family December 2013

During this month some tensions may arise in the family leading to conflicts due to issues related to land and property. Due to which the situation of having a cold war is expected to remain within the home. Many a times you can get emotional and might become rampant and because of which the environment is more likely to get contaminated. Married life will also remain disorderly. Your behaviour with mother could be a little harsh. This month the economic situation is not said to be good because some expenses may stand in front of you spontaneously that cannot be avoided despite wishing. In order to fulfill these undesirable expenses your economic balance may vitiate and to balance these expenses you may even require to take loans.

You should postpone any land related deal for the time being otherwise you may have to face losses. If you are a member of some association then there can be an attempt to tarnish your image about which you should remain alert.

Gemini Remedies December 2013

Everyday you must recite the Ganesh Stotram Path (पाठ) 11 times in the morning, this will help you to resolve crisis of all kinds.

December 2013 Special Festivals and Fasts

  • 1 December 2013, Sunday, Mass Shivaratri Fast
  • 2 December 201, Monday, Somvati Amavasya, Margashirsha amavasya, Sri Balaji Jayanti, Devika bath
  • 7 December 2013, Saturday, Shriram wedding (Shri Ram Vivahotsav), Sri Panchami, Nag Panchami
  • 8 December 2013, Sunday, Skanda Shashti (Guh Shashti) Champa Shashti
  • 9 December 2013, Monday, Mitra (Vishnu) Saptami
  • 10 December 2013, Tuesday, Sri Durga Ashtami
  • 11 December 2013, Wednesday, Sri Nanda Navami
  • 13 December 2013, Friday, Mokshada Ekadashi fast, Geeta Jayanti
  • 14 December 2013, Saturday, Shani Pradosh Fast, Akhanda Dwadashi, Anang Trayodashi fast
  • 15 December 2013, Sunday, Poush Sankranti, next day punyakaal Sankranti, Pisaach mochan shraddh, Shiv Chaturdashi Fast
  • 16 December 2013, Monday, Sri Dattatreya Jayanti, Sri Satyanarayan fast
  • 17 December 2013, Tuesday, Margashirsha Purnima
  • 21 December 2013, Saturday, Sri Ganesh Chaturthi fast, beginning of Sayana Uttarayana
  • 25 December 2013, Wednesday, Rukmini Ashtami, Ashtaka Shraddh
  • 28 December 2013, Saturday, Safla Ekadashi fast - Smarta
  • 29 December 2013, Sunday, Safla Ekadashi fast - Vaishnava, Sri Bodhana Acharya Jayanti
  • 30 December 2013, Monday, Som Pradosh Fast, Mass Shivaratri Fast

The planetary positions in December 2013 will be as follows

  • By the middle of the month, Sun will be in Scorpio, after that on 15 December 2013 at 26:28 Sun will enter Sagittarius (i.e on 15/16 December at 02:28)
  • Mars will remain in Virgo throughout the month.
  • On 1 December 2013 at 10:04 Mercury will enter Scorpio. After that on 20 December at 20:56 will enter Sagittarius.
  • Throughout the month, Jupiter will remain in Gemini in the retrograde position.
  • In the beginning of the month Venus will be in Sagittarius, after that on 5 December 2013 at 14:24 will enter Capricorn. On 21 December 2013 at 27:24 Venus will be discovered in Capricorn in the retrograde phase.
  • Saturn will be in Libra throughout the month.
  • Throughout the month Rahu will be discovered in Libra and Ketu will be explored in Aries sign.
  • Sunrise and Sunset of Planets
  • Samsaptak YogFrom 1 December till 4 December Jupiter and Venus will remain in Samsaptak position. Jupiter will remain in Gemini and Venus will be in Sagittarius sign.

December 2013 - Panchak

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
8 December 04:02 12 December 14:56

December 2013- Gandamoola

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
3 December 05:26 5 December 00:06
11 December 14:08 13 December 16:16
21 December 10:00 23 December 15:33
30 December 16:42 1 January (2014 11:09

December 2013 - Bhadra

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
1 December 11:30 1 December 12:13
5 December 30:32 6 December 16:25
9 December 09:22 9 December 20:47
12 December 20:03 13 December 08:22
16 December 12:51 16 December 22:55
20 December 09:04 20 December 22:21
23 December 29:16 24 December 18:02
27 December 19:19 27 December 30:56
30 December 23:59 31 December 10:15

December 2013 - Sarvardha siddhi Yog

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
2 December 07:44 3 December 05:26
6 December 18:59 7 December 16:54
10 December 13:54 11 December Sunrise
12 December Sunrise 13 December 16:16
16 December Sunrise 17 December Sunrise
19 December Sunrise 20 December Sunrise
25 December 19:32 26 December Sunrise
28 December Sunrise 28 December 20:09
30 December Sunrise 30 December 16:42

December 2013 - Amrit Siddhi Yog

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
16 December 22:35 17 December Sunrise
20 December 07:01 20 December Sunrise

December 2013 - Ravi Yog

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
5 December 21:26 6 December 18:59
7 December 16:54 8 December 15:18
10 December 13:54 12 December 14:56
14 December 18:02 15 December 20:09
15 December 26:28 16 December 22:35
23 December 15:33 24 December 17:50

December 2013 - Dwipushkar Yog

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
8 December 11:11 8 December 15:18

December 2013 - Tripushkar Yog

Starting Time Ending Time
Date Time (hour-minutes) Date Time (hour-minutes)
24 December 17:50 25 December Sunrise
29 December 05:20 29 December 18:46

Auspicious Marriage Muhurat for December 2013

Date Day Lagna
4th December Wednesday Leo Ascendant at night, Donation of Mars and Venus, Shool dosh from sunrise till 21:02
5th December Thursday Leo Ascendant at night, donation of Moon and Mars, Mritiyuban dosh till 18:42 in Leo Ascendant
6th December Friday Sagittarius Ascendant during the day, donation of Moon and Jupiter. Donation of Moon and Mars in Aquarius Ascendant, parihaar of eighth house bhaum, Godhuli Ascendant. Leo Ascendant at night, donation of Moon and Venus, Parihaar of sixth Moon and Venus
7th December Saturday Sagittarius Ascendant during the day, donation of Jupiter, donation of Moon and Mars in Aquarius Ascendant, Parihaar of eight Mars, Godhuli Ascendant. Leo Ascendant at night, donation of Moon, Venus and Mars, parihaar of sixth Moon and Venus
8th December Sunday Sagittarius Ascendant during the day, donation of Mars and Venus, donation of Moon and Jupiter in Capricorn Ascendant.
10th December Tuesday Godhuli Ascendant, Cancer Ascendant at night, donation of Rahu, donation and puja of seventh Venus.
12th December Thursday Godhuli Ascendant, Cancer Ascendant at night, donation and puja of Moon, Rahu and Venus
13th December Friday Sagittarius Ascendant during the day, donation of Moon, Jupiter and Mars, donation of Moon in Capricorn Ascendant, donation of Moon and Mars in Aquarius Ascendant, Ketu Yuti parihaar

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