On 8th January 2011, Mars will change the Rashi and enter its exalted sign. During this time, Mars will be transiting from your 6th house. As per the Chandra Kundali, Mars is the Lord of your 4th and the 9th house. At the time of entering the Capricorn sign, Mars will have an aspect relationship with the 6th and the 12th house.
The placement of Yogakaraka planet in the disease house, is making relation with the 12th house or the house of expenditure. 
This time span may reduce your health conditions. During this period, the Lord of your birth sign, Sun, is in the axis of Rahu and Ketu. This combination is also not suitable for health condition.
In the transit period, Jupiter will be in the eighth house of your birth sign. Saturn, will be present in the 2nd house of your sign and have an aspect relationship with Jupiter, the Dhan Karaka planet. The relationship between the three big planets can have special effect on you, during the transit of Mars in Capricorn. In this sign, Mars shall stay till 15 February.

Mars in Capricorn And Career For Leo Chandra Rashi

Entry of Mars in its exalted sign will be good for your career. Your important works will get completed by the support of luck, but it won’t be right to leave any work in  the hands of fate. 
Your competitors may create problems in your work area. Keep an eye on the activities of your competitors. Working with courage will be advantageous for you. This phase shall increase your savings.
There can be a lack of support from the side of your colleagues. You may take time in trusting your co-workers. Your workload can increase, which shall give less of time for resting. During this period, you shall have to go on small journeys for your business. You will gain experience of doing some new work in the field of profession.

Transit of Mars into Capricorn and Leo Moonsign Health

In the transit period, Mars will be located in your disease house. Disorder of blood may decrease your physical comforts ,in this time. Sun, the Lord of your birth sign, is under the influence of Rahu and Ketu, which might bring ego in your nature. After the middle of month, you need to take proper care of your health.

Leo Moonsign Relationships and Mars in Capricorn

Mars’ entry in its exalted sign on 8th January 2011, may bring situations of conflict regarding relationship. During this period, your love relationship may have chances of breakup.
Making special efforts can improve the situation. You need to put in efforts and try from your side to carry on the relationship. New problems may come up because of your short tempered nature. 

Effect of Mars’s Capricorn Transit on Leo Married Life

Mars transit period has brought some instability in your married life. Your spouse's mental state during this period can have some sense of disappointment. Due to this situation, there may lack of peace and happiness in your marital life.
In order to maintain happiness of family, you will need to be calm and give respect to the feelings of your life partner. Don’t lag behind in providing your support in family works.

Remedy for Leo moonsign During the Mars transit in Capricorn

It will be favorable for you to wear a piece or rosary of Red Sandalwood.
Gifting jaggery to your son-in-law, daughter’s son and brother-in-law, will be beneficial.