शुक्ल पक्ष और कृष्ण पक्ष के आरम्भ की तिथियाँ - 2012 | Dates of Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha 2012

November 10, 2011 11:40 clockastrowriter3
Paksha determines the phases of Moon and has been given special significance in Hindu Panchang. These Paksha are known as Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. [More]

ग्रहों के नक्षत्र प्रवेश की तिथियाँ - दिसम्बर 2011 | Dates of Planets Transiting into Nakshatra - December 2011

November 9, 2011 12:30 clockastrowriter3
Dates of Planets Transiting into Nakshatra on December 2011.On 4th December, Mars will be transiting into the second phase of Purvaphalguni. [More]

खग्रास चन्द्रग्रहण दिसम्बर 2011 | Khagraas Chandra Grahan I Lunar Eclipse 2011 | Effects of Chandra Grahan | Chandra Grahan in December 2011

November 8, 2011 15:25 clockastrowriter3
Khagraas Chandra Grahan (Lunar eclipse) will occur in India on 10th December, 2011 which is a Saturday. The duration of the Grahan will be 3 hours and 33 minutes from 6:15 to 9:48 PM. [More]

सूर्य ग्रहण और इसके प्रभाव | Surya Grahan and its Effects | Surya Grahan 2011 | Solar Eclipse

November 3, 2011 16:10 clockastrowriter3
A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes simultaneously from Earth and Sun, leading to total or partial fading of image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. [More]

आर्द्रा नक्षत्र | Ardra Nakshatra | Ardra Nakshatra Characteristics | Ardra Nakshatra Meaning

October 8, 2011 02:46 clockastrowriter3
Aardra Nakshatra comes at sixth place in the series of 27 Nakshatara. Mrigshira Nakshatra comes before Aardra and Punavasu Nakshatra comes after this. This Nakshatra comes in Gemini sign. [More]

चतुर्विशांश और सप्तविशांश कुण्डली | Chaturvishansha and Saptavishansha Kundali

September 6, 2011 13:50 clockastrowriter3
This Varga Kundali is also known as Sidhansha. This Kundali is studied to analyze education, knowledge, art and wisdom. We can predict the success and hurdles coming in the path of education by studying this Kundali. [More]

षोडशांश कुण्डली तथा विशांश कुण्डली | Shodhshansha Kundli and Vishansha Kundli

September 6, 2011 13:30 clockastrowriter3
This kundli is analysed for the pleasure of Vehicle.It assess the pain related to the vehicles, accident, and death.This class is also knows as Kalansha. [More]

दशमाँश कुण्डली तथा द्वादशांश कुण्डली | Dashmansha Kundali and Dwadashansha Kundali

September 5, 2011 15:30 clockastrowriter3
This Kundali is studied to analyze the success and failures in a business.The Kundali is used to analyze things like how well the business of an individual will go, whether that person will continue that profession for a long period of time or will he change the profession frequently etc. [More]

द्रेष्काण कुण्डली तथा चतुर्थांश कुण्डली | Dreshkana Kundali and Chaturthansha Kundali

September 4, 2011 11:30 clockastrowriter3
If a planet is present between 0 to 10 degrees in a birth chart, then it will be placed in the same sign in the Dreshkana Kundali. [More]

जन्म कुण्डली तथा होरा कुण्डली | Janam Kundali and Hora Kundali

September 3, 2011 11:40 clockastrowriter3
The 12 houses of a Lagna Kundali are fixed. To know about these 12 houses in detail, we should study Varga Kundalis in detail because many times several predictions made in Lagna Kundali do not actualize. [More]

मानक समय | Mean Time

September 1, 2011 11:30 clockastrowriter3
The speed of Sun never stays same for a whole year. It keeps on changing every time. That is why, time on earth is different at different places. [More]

सौरमण्डल | Solar System

August 31, 2011 12:40 clockastrowriter3
A planet is in retrograde state when it transits from fifth house to ninth house from Sun. The retrograde state means to move backward. Planets appear to move backward in the retrograde state. [More]

आकाशीय नक्शा | Celestial Terminology

August 30, 2011 16:50 clockastrowriter3
The angular distance of a planet towards east on equator from Vernal Equinoctial Point is called as Vishwansha. [More]

खगोल और मानक रेखाएँ | Celestial and Standard Lines

August 29, 2011 18:50 clockastrowriter3
Preparing a Kundali is very easy these days. You can prepare the Kundali of a person by entering the details of the person in a computer. But, it will be interesting to prepare a Kundali on your own. [More]

जैमिनी मण्डूक दशा के वर्ष | Years of Gemini Mandook Dasha

August 27, 2011 11:30 clockastrowriter3
Prepare a table of even and odd signs to determine the years of Jaimini Dasha. Now, count the position of the sign for which you want to determine the years of dasha from the planet lord of the sign. [More]

मण्डूक दशा की गणना | Calculation of Mandook Dasha

August 26, 2011 17:00 clockastrowriter3
The sequence of this dasha is determined according to the sign in an ascendant. If an even sign is present in an ascendant, then the dasha starts from the ascendant. [More]

स्थिर दशा की गणना | Calculation of Sthir Dasha

August 25, 2011 16:40 clockastrowriter3
The calculation of Jaimini Sthir Dasha is very straight and simple. The count of Sthir dasha begins from the hosue in which the Brahma is situated. [More]

ग्रह बल | Grah Bal

August 24, 2011 14:30 clockastrowriter3
In the Char dasha of Jaimini Planet after Rashi Bal, The Grah Bal is determined.There are three kinds of bal to analyse the Grah Bal.They are Mool Trikon Bal, Ansha Bal, and Kendradi Bal. [More]

राशि बल | Rashi Bala

August 23, 2011 16:20 clockastrowriter3
The Rashi Bala is analysed first in Jaimini fixed dasha. The three kinds of Balas are calculated to find out the Rashi Bala. The sum of these three strengths is known as Rashi Bala. [More]

जैमिनी स्थिर दशा | Jaimini Sthir Dasha

August 22, 2011 12:50 clockastrowriter3
Many Dashas are used in Jaimini astrology. One of the main dasha among them is Sthir Dasha. The analysis of this Dasha is done to study unwanted happenings, health and negative information about life. It is very simple Dasha of Jaimini astrology. [More]

जैमिनी चर दशा में पद | Padas in Jaimini Char Dasha

August 20, 2011 18:40 clockastrowriter3
There is a great significance of Padas in determination of Jaimini char dasha. Many difference of opinions exist regarding the calculation of Padas. [More]

चर दशा में राशियों की दृष्टि | Aspect of Signs in Char Dasha

August 18, 2011 18:20 clockastrowriter3
In Gaimini Char dasha, Char signs(1,4,7,10) aspect Sthir signs(2,5,8,11) and vice-versa. Both the signs do not aspect their nearest sign. Like, the aspect of Aries sign is not considered on its nearest sign Taurus. [More]

वृश्चिक तथा कुम्भ राशि की गणना | Calculation of Scorpio and Aquarius Sign

August 17, 2011 18:50 clockastrowriter3
In the last chapter, we told you that according to Jaimini Char Dasha, calculation of Scorpio and Aquarius signs is different from the calculation of other signs. [More]

चर दशा की गणना | Calculation of Char Dasha

August 16, 2011 18:40 clockastrowriter3
The calculation of the order of Char Dasha is different from that of the order of the dasha of signs. In the calculation of the dasha of signs, the counting of six signs is done clockwise and the order of the rest of the six signs is anti-clockwise. [More]

चर दशा में स्थिर कारक | Fixed Karak in Char Dasha

August 9, 2011 16:30 clockastrowriter3
In the last chapter we studied about the Jaimini Karaka.They are sequenced based on their degree. Many scholars uses Fixed Karaka in Jaimini astrology. [More]