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Virgo Horoscope 2014 | 2014 Virgo Horoscope - Kanya 2014 Rashifal

Special Characteristics of Virgo Moonsign

Yearly Horoscope 2014 for Virgo Moon SignVVirgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac series and it occupies 150 degree to 180 degree on the zodiac. It includes three phases of Uttara nakshatra, four phases of Hastha nakshatra and two phases of Chitra nakshatra. The symbol for Virgo is a Virgin maiden on a sailing boat. She holds wheat grains on one hand and lantern on the other. Lantern represents the light and wheat grains represent the prosperity and gentleness. Earth is it’s element and is a dual sign. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury therefore a person under this sign will be gentle, virtuous, fluent, clever, cunning and are expert in several fields. They express themselves in a logical and prudent way. Due to element Earth, Virgos remain grounded.

Mercury is considered the price among planets therefore you always tend to be energetic and believe in yourselves. Due to dual nature you may at times get into trouble but you always come forward to help others. You are a social person and progress within the framework of the society. You consider minutest of things with great care and tend to contemplate a lot. You have a small friend circle and share a strong bond with them.

You prove to be a loyal friend and are always willing to help your friends. You are dedicated and love your family. You serve your elders at home with vigour and if they fall sick then you are the one who cares for them. You are a complete foodie and try a variety of foods. You may be the one to take an initiative in the matters of food. You are basically compassionate, practical and faithful. You arrive at a decision only after proper analysis and evaluation. You are affectionate towards birds and animals. You are fond of reading books and enjoy the scenic beauty very much.

With the all the good qualities mentioned above you have a negative quality of thinking too much about a particular matter. You tend to blow up small things to big issues. You avoid being the centre of attraction as you are shy and introvert. You analyse everyone critically as you find out the faults in others easily but you stay away from rude and impolite persons.

Suitable careers for Virgo sign

You can be a good writer, and you have an affinity towards fine arts. You excel in being a diplomat, and jobs related to travelling, mathematics and statistics suits you. You may choose to be an astrologer as well. Accounts, clerical job, editing jobs will be suitable for Virgos. You can also be a psychologist, pilot or a doctor. You may be interested in business and can also open a shop. You may also work in the postal department.

2014 Virgo - Money and Finance

From January 2014 to March 2014

 money and financeYour income and expense will be the same during this quarter . The money that you gather may be spent on your needs and it will be difficult to save money during this quarter. You may have no idea regarding how to plan the budget and will just move ahead blindly. You may spend money on family matters and for maintenance at home. The expenditure will be more during this time and due to lack of financial funding you may feel irritable and show anger towards others. At the end of this quarter the situation at the home will be tense.

At the end of this quarter you may be upset due to the financial matters and you may feel helpless in saving money as your expenses may increase. You may get a chance to increase your income and it solely depends upon you to utilise the opportunity. Do not think deeply on this matter or else the opportunity may be lost.

From April 2014 to June 2014

Unwanted expenditure may still continue to prevail and there are chance of losses as well. Think before you invest somewhere. The money that you have lent to your friends may be refunded after a lot of delay. During this quarter you may think about accepting bribes to increase your income. Your spouse may be a reason for increased expenses at this time. You may spend money on travelling and on your children.

The money that you spend on your partner will be reimbursed by them very soon. During the second phase of the quarter the situation may get better. Your mother, partner or a lady will prove beneficial for you and your financial condition may improve by this time.

From July 2014 to September 2014

In this quarter you will have a steady income source and you will be at ease in financial matters. You will utilize the opportunities for earning money in a well planned manner and therefore you will be benefitted. You will have an external source for your financial needs. You will earn money from furtive sources or commission based work. You may look out for online part time jobs as well.

In the meantime you will gain financial stability. This quarter may be really fruitful for you. Your income will increase during this period. Your acquaintances or siblings may help you in your financial matters. During this period you may donate your money for pious matters. You may also spend your money on personal requirements.

October 2014 to December 2014

You may spend money on yourselves lavishly. To fulfill the requirements of your family you may put on extra effort just don’t get into any illicit channel to earn extra money else your social image will be at the stake. In the mid phase of this quarter you may spend money on travelling. You may think about earning money through clandestine manner and if you are thinking about investing your money then you can consult from experienced sources before you do so. Those who indulge in gambling may not have a good time so it is better to wisely invest your money. Those who are in business related to land may prosper.

To strengthen your financial stability you may chant Lakshmi Chalisa everyday.

2014 Virgo - Career and Profession

January 2014 - march 2014

virgo 2014 CareerYou may at this time may think about a change in your job and there will not be any particular reason for changing the job but you may be getting good offers. Your decision will be apt and may feel a positivity in your life.Your colleagues may be little problematic for you at the new workplace but you may be able to survive all the odds as you remain calm but as per the situation you may move diplomatically and will succeed later on.

If you are into business then you may have to face various problems. Your employees may turn against you and you may face difficulty in the movement of goods. Due to this you may have a loss in your business. Frustrated at the end you may adopt a stricter policy and may get profits due to this. You may not discriminate between the fair-unfair means at this time.

April 2014 to June 2014

From career perspective the time will be unfavourable for Virgos. You may adopt devious tactics to crush your opponents. Due to this you may have to face defamation and blames. You may not be in good terms with your colleagues. You may adopt falsehood to prove your work and try to impress your boss with sugar coated words. You may have mixed results from mid to the end of this quarter and the pace of work during this period may be little bit slow. You may be benefitted at the end of this quarter.

For businessmen the beginning of this quarter will not be favourable but you may succeed in maintaining the profits somehow. You may also offer bribes to the officials to get your work done. The mid and the end period of this quarter may prove fruitful for the businessmen. If you increase your efforts during the the last phase of the quarter then all your work may get completed easily. This quarter may be favourable for those who have business abroad and those who are trying to go abroad may move there during this period. People dealing in property business may have a hard time.

July 2014 to September 2014

From the career perspective this period may be favourable for Virgos and all your plans may get executed very well. You may succeed and get appreciated for your new projects.Those in the public sector have a chance of promotion. This quarter will be peaceful for you and by the mid phase you may achieve a lot of things. With the help of your colleagues you may move to the forefront and will attain the goals easily. During this phase you may gain profits so you should utilise each and every opportunity that comes your way. A little bit of effort may give you long lasting results.You may be rewarded and may get promotions during this period.

If you deal with business then you may gain profit. With minute hindrances, your business will flourish. You will have to maintain the tempo by working hard. Virgos being practical do their work on the criterias of practicality and efficiency. You take care of the minutest details and then only reach a particular conclusion. So in business you move ahead by considering all the facts about loss and profit. With your intelligence you may be able to complete your work at time.

October 2014 to December 2014

During this quarter your time seems to be unfavourable. At workplace you may face work related pressure and excess work load. You’ll get good results only after putting in some serious efforts. You may get cheated at workplace so you should not blindly follow your colleagues or employees. People may get to know about your project or strategy and due to this you may come under the influence of stress. If you remain alert during this period then you may avert any kind of betrayal.

People around you will not be happy with your achievements and they may plot new things to humiliate you. So in this quarter especially in the second month you need to be extra careful and not indulge in any kind of arguments.

Keep everything to yourself even if your colleagues may try to solicit you. You must remain calm and try not to get aroused by their abetment. If you acknowledge their prodding then you may have to lose your job or may get involved into legal matters.

The end of this quarter will be favourable for you. If you are involved in business then this phase may be turbulent for you and due to this your health may get affected. Subordinates may prove troublesome for you. You need to stay calm in front of them and not express your feelings to them. You must try to get your work done by them by being diplomatic and soft spoken. Be careful during the second month of this quarter and do not adopt any kind of illicit way else you may get into trouble.

2014 Virgo - Health and Fitness

January 2014 - March 2014

virgo 2014 healthFor health this quarter is really favourable for you but you may get mentally stressed during this period. During the second month your health may get affected. You may have skin related problems and those suffering from diabetes may have a tough time. Change your diet plans according to the season else you may get flu. If at all you get fever do not undergo self medication instead consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Pregnant ladies must undergo routine checkups. You should refrain from any kind of immoral relations else you may suffer from serious illness.

April 2014 - June 2014

You may face physical as well as mental disorders during this quarter. You may remain confused and disturbed due to stress. Due to this you may think about going into seclusion. You may be disturbed due to your mental stress so go out for a walk or try meditation and yoga as it may relieve you from the mental stress.

July 2014 to September 2014.

If you haven’t taken any step to reduce the mental as well as the physical stress then during this quarter you may be even more stressed out. Due to this you may feel burdened. You may feel dizzy at times and a doctor may not be able to tell you the exact reason of this discomfort. You must get your eyes checked during this quarter. Specially if a child complains about severe headache as well as have a blurred vision or has watery eyes while watching TV then consult a doctor immediately.

October 2014 - December 2014.

This quarter may give you mixed results. You seem to have been building up a lot of stress from the past. Now you will vent out your stress in the form of harsh words. You may lose your temper at the people who are the reason for your stress. During this quarter female Virgos may suffer from urinary infection or menstrual problems. Seek medical help from a gynaecologist as soon as possible. During this quarter maintain a safe physical relationship and stay protected from infections.

During this quarter you should refrain from drinking and driving. Try to have home made food or you may suffer from food poisoning. At the end of this quarter you will have good health.

Extra tip

Whenever you face health problems chant the mantras of Saturn and Mercury on rosary beads. Saturn Mantra “Om Shan Shanaishwaraya Namah” Mercury Mantra “Om Bum Budhaya Namah”

2014 Virgo Horoscope - Love and Relationships

January 2014 to March 2014

virgo 2014 relationshipThis quarter may bring mixed results for you because you may have a soft corner for your partner but your partner may seem to be disturbed. There may be silly fights and all the time may be spent on resolving these petty issues. In the second period of the quarter an elderly person either your father or an equivalent person may interfere in your love affairs. He may object to your relationship. You may find yourself helpless and due to this you may opt for a split. If you want a successful love life then try to understand rather than blame each other.

April 2014 - June 2014

During this quarter you may have a rough patch in your relationship with your spouse and there may be a rift. You are a social animal and love to stay in the company of others therefore you may not stay all by yourselves for long. Therefore to fulfill the lack of balanced relationship you may overindulge in networking on social sites with the opposite gender. You may feel attracted to a person and you may express your feelings to the other person. This is going to be a momentary affair only and be rational while you take such decisions.

July 2014 - September 2014

You may feel uncertain about your relationships and the relation that you had started recently will fade away easily. The problems in the marital life may still persist and you may search for extra marital affairs but you may not find any suitable person. You may get a partner with whom you may love to spend time. You should stay in your limits or else you may feel guilty later.

You want to stay in relationships as you don’t like the void. So if you are not in any kind of relationships you will seek a partner. To fill the vacuum in your life you will share lighter moments with people around you. You may flirt with multiple persons at a time.

October 2014 to December 2014

During this period you may get stuck in immoral relations and due to this everyone will point fingers on your character. You may remain confused and you will find it difficult to differentiate between right and wrong. Bonding with your partner will hit a rough patch as you may behave rudely with your partner. Your partner may suspect you and due to this differences may surface. In the mid of this quarter you may realise your mistakes and you will make an effort to improve those relationships. During this time you may keep your relationship under wraps and try to maintain a smooth relation. At the end of this quarter your love life will blossom again.

2014 Virgo - Students

January 2014 - March 2014

 familyThe beginning of this quarter may be really favourable for students and they will perform well in their academics. During the second month, the students may find it difficult to concentrate on academics and may get into a bad company. For competitive exams this quarter may be unfavourable. It’s not that you can’t succeed in the exams but the main reason behind your failure will be laziness. At the end of this quarter the saturn will be afflicted and you may not be able to concentrate on studies. For better concentration you may chant the mantra “ Om Gan Ganpataye Namah” 108 times after the cleansing routine in the morning. With this you will have better concentration.

April 2014 - June 2014

The beginning of this quarter may bring negative results but later you may find relief from problems but this condition may not prevail for long. You may get into fights with your schoolmates. If you stay away from home then you will have a feeling that no one is there to control you and therefore the tendency to get into fights may increase drastically. You may befriend inappropriate friends and waste your precious time. Since this is the starting of the academic session therefore there is ample time to recover. If you start preparing now then you may cover up syllabus easily.

July 2014 to September 2014

During this quarter your parents may get to know about your deeds at school. Your mentors and well wishers will try to convince you and you may get their point also. You may your past actions and feel guilty. Now you will try to concentrate on the academics as you will get over all the bad habits. Therefore by end of this quarter you will concentrate on the studies.

October 2014 - December 2014

You may find it difficult to cover up the syllabus and you feel overloaded on the academic front. You may be gloomy during this phase and may not indulge in any extracurricular activities. You may not hang out with friends and try to avoid any kind of communication with them. Don’t try to overdo it because having a little fun with your friends won’t hurt your academics. Everything in excess may prove bad for everyone, so participate in activities that will aid in the mental development and you will not feel the boredom during studies.

2014 Virgo - Journey

January 2014 - March 2014

 familyThe beginning of this quarter is favourable for travelling and you may travel to meet one of your mentors at this time. You may feel good about the trip. You may go for trips with your elders. During the trip you may feel uncomfortable as you will have to cater to the interests of the elders under pressure and you do not like to be under anybody’s control. You are an independent person and love to remain independent.

April 2014 - June 2014

This quarter may not at all be favourable for travel plans and you will have to face lot of problems and may require constant effort for business trips. With excessive travelling your health may get affected badly. Try to leave out the first month of this quarter for travelling. If at all you want to travel then you can plan according to Dishashool.

July 2014 - September 2014

Trips during the first month of the quarter is foreseen with losses and this loss may be of any kind. Trips in the second phase may be more fruitful and you have chances for various business trips. You may also plan for a trip with family. At the end of this quarter you may go for long distance trips on a flight. At the end short and long trips may be favourable for you.

October 2014 - December 2014

Trips during this period may be bothersome and less profit is foreseen. Your health may get affected due to trips during this phase and you may miss important trips. In the second month few trips may be required and for this a lot of time may be consumed but you may consider this delay as an investment for the future and you may get the benefits in the future due to this. At the end of this quarter the time will be favourable for travel but you may face some opposition from your colleagues or siblings.

2014 Virgo - Family

January 2014 to March 2014

 familyYou may get mixed results during this quarter. During this period you have the influence of Mars in your lagna and it will stay in your second house due to which there are chances of turbulence in family and marital life. Mars is inauspicious for you and it has a negative effect on you. You may have ideological differences with your mother and these differences may lead to conflicts also.

During this quarter your children will not obey you and due to this you may feel stressed. Be careful with your words since you cannot retract them. Try to spend this phase in a balanced manner as you may get to hear some bad news regarding family matters or on some unpleasant matters. You may have to spend on things that are non profitable and meaningless.

April 2014 - June 2014

If the disputes regarding property is persisting then these matters may get worse. This quarter is not at all be favourable for family matters. There will be differences with your partners. You must try to control the situations. If at once the matters get worse then it will be really difficult to control it and you may suffer the consequences for a long time.

Think before you invest in any field. It is not a good time to purchase any kind of automobile as this period is not that favourable for you. You may have to loosen up your pocket for the maintenance of your old vehicle. During the second month of this quarter your marital relation will improve. You may feel relieved during this period.

July 2014 to September 2014

This quarter will be good for you and all the problems that you were facing will get resolved. The family relations will grow stronger and you will have a good rapport with your siblings. You may feel at ease and there will be a happy atmosphere at home. Despite this favourable situation you may feel emotionally troubled. To overcome this uneasiness you may try to keep yourself busy but all this could be in vain.

During this quarter you may plan for a vacation. You may be sleep deprived and due to this you may be mentally disturbed. During this period relationship with your children will improve and this may prove beneficial for you. Those planning to shift their houses may do so at the end of this quarter.

October 2014 - December 2014

During this period you may have to face emotional troubles and you may have to pay for those deeds which you are not at all aware of. You may have to face some sort of stigma from your family members. You may strongly react to these allegations. Due to this there will a tense atmosphere at home. There are chances that you may get into extra marital affairs and this relation may last for a long duration.

During the second month of this quarter you may spend your time with your friends by hanging out. Do not indulge in any kind of tiff with your neighbours for silly matters and try to stay away from such situations. During this period you may get involved in legal matters so you must maintain an emotional balance. From the family perspective this time may be favourable for purchasing automobiles also.

Remedies for 2014

Till october 2014 the end phase of Saturn’s sadesati is foreseen in your horoscope therefore engage in the remedial procedures for that. For this you can chant the mantra for Saturn and Saturn Strotra on saturdays. You may also donate articles related to Saturn. You can also offer prayers to Lord Ganesha every morning.

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