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Taurus Horoscope 2014 | 2014 Taurus Horoscope - Vrishabha 2014 Rashifal

Characteristics of Taurus Sign

Yearly Horoscope 2014 for Taurus Moon SignTaurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It expands from 30 degrees to 60 degrees. Three phases of Krittika nakshatra, four phases of Rohini nakshatra and two phases of Mrigashira nakshatra come under this moonsign. It has the symbol of a bull. You may be as stubborn as a bull in life. Taurus is a fixed sign. Hence, you may be quite stable in life. You never rush into any decisions. You will have a determined nature, at times bordering on obstinacy. You will sport the strength of conviction stemming from your laborious and patient nature. You will be proud by your own right and at times may be amorous. You don’t like sudden changes in your life. As a result, it will not be easy for you to change your place of stay. You stay in one place for a long time. You only decide something after thinking about long term results.

You realize and try to fulfill your responsibilities towards your family and work. You very well know how to accomplish your responsibilities and provide maximum comfort and satisfaction to your family members. You try your best to protect your family from potential dangers of harm. Being a Taurus native, you have a tendency to live up to the family cultural and traditional values. You work hard to accomplish all the tasks you undertake, with perfection. You might find problems in maintaining cordial relations with people having different opinions. It is important that you stay close to people who share your level of intellect and can guide you better with your endeavours as well.

You take all the decisions based on facts and reality. You don’t like taking decisions without any strong base to it. With the influence of Taurus, you’re likely to be a patient and determined individual. Patience will be your biggest strength and help you sail through difficult situations of life. You don’t like to make compromises on most situations. Once decided, you may not be willing to alter your decision for anyone. You may work hard to prevent getting into any kind of conflicts or unfavourable situations. You fear being insecure and always look for stability in life.

Career For Taurus Signs

Venus is the lord of this sign. This sign is categorized as one of the most gentle planets of all. This planet represents creativity and art. It can also be related to music and dance. Venus is the karak of lust and things related to lust and intimacy also lies under this category. As a Taurean, you can feel inclined toward music, arts and entertainment for your career.

You can also choose to pursue graphic designing, fashion designing, stylist, web designing, filmmaking as your career options. Hotel and restaurant are also good business options for you.

Photography, language instructor and poet are also good options for Venus ruling signs.

2014 Taurus Prediction- Wealth And Finance

January 2014 - March 2014

 money and fitnessYour financial status may not be good during this period. Expenses on children may arise. You may invest in land or property in this period. Expect to regain your bad debts by the mid phase of this period. Health complications of spouse can also lead to increase in unexpected expenses. Despite of additional expenses, you won’t have to face any complications in your work and business.

Accumulating money during this period can be difficult, but your expenses will be equal to your income, keeping your bank balance intact. You might also invest in share market, but make sure you don’t over indulge in it. Too much greed can be devastating as well. Consult your elders or experts before making any investment. Those who deal in real estate, have good chances of gaining huge profits in this period.

April 2014 - July 2014

This quarter will give mixed results for your career and profession. Your expenses will not exceed your income in this quarter as well, giving you a stable financial opening. You may expect to earn good profits through real estate deals. Make sure you take a close look to all the paperwork to make sure they are legal and authorized. Do not think about earning money through illegal deals. This can lead to huge losses. Just be careful of your present environment.

The second phase of the quarter will be profitable for you. You are likely to gain profit from every work you undertake during this period. In fact, your enemies can also prove to be beneficial for you in terms of finances and wealth. This is a quite favourable period for you. You may invest in some property as well. If you want to apply for loan, make sure you prepare yourself for additional work and efforts. It won’t be an easy task.

July 2014 - September 2014

This can be a favourable quarter in terms of finance and wealth. Opportunities to earn extra income are likely to arise during this month. You’ll feel relaxed and relieved from all tensions. As a result, you will be able to use your mind in making future strategies concerning finances. If you’ve lent money to someone in the past, expect to get it back in this quarter. Your siblings can bring some profitable news for you. Previous investments are likely to increase in this period.

In the last phase of this quarter, you may have to borrow money to fulfill your financial needs. You’ll easily get the money you want without any hassles. In the second phase of this quarter, you might feel inclined to invest in the share market. This investment can prove to be profitable. But this doesn’t meant that you put high stakes on investment. Keep in balance and make sure you seek expert guidance before investing.

October 2014 - December 2014

This quarter is likely to begin with unexpected expenses. Your expenses might exceed your income, leading to financial instability. Most of the money will be spent on immoral things such as gambling, betting, and other inofficious things. Such situations can make you furious as well. This might be the result of the bad influence of your friends and company. You might not able to resist from the temptation of indulging into bad habits. As a result you will end up spending a lot of money on unnecessary things. Your life partner will help you get rid of such habits.

Mercury is the karaka of your intelligence. Afflicted Mercury in this quarter will affect your ability to differentiate between goods and bads. From second to last phase of this quarter, your spouse will be supportive and successfully manage your responsibilities as well. Seeing your partners affection and support, you’ll start understanding your mistakes and try to overcome the situation.

Special Note: Worship Lord Ganesha everyday to maintain financial stability.

2014 Taurus Sign - Career and Profession

January 2014 - Mars 2014

taurus 2014 CareerIn regard to career, the first quarter of this period can be a bit problematic for you. Those who are in service, will have to put repetitive efforts to attain their goals. This can create obstacles as well. Your superiors and subordinates may not be satisfied with your performance during this period. This can make you frustrated, leading to conflicts at workplace, especially with the bosses. The situation is likely to remain same till the mid phase of this month. You are advised to be calm and try to resolve the matters with patience. Try to analyze things where you lack and work towards making improvement in those areas.

The last month of this quarter can bring some relief. You will be able to accomplish your works successfully. Stay away from office politics as much as you can. It can alleviate your stress level. Despite slow moving trends in work, you’ll be able to outperform your competitors. Those who are in business can experience good results in the first month of this quarter. But you’ll feel unsatisfied with the results as it may not be upto your expectations and hard work you’ve put into it. In the second month of the quarter, you may have to face a lot of trouble and obstacles in work.

Expenses can exceed the income in business. This can lead to troubles and obstacles in business as well. You are advised to handle the situations with patience and a calm mind. Taking small, but useful steps will be beneficial for you. The last month of the quarter can bring relief from problems. New competition may arise in the market driving you to work more. Those who work in partnerships should be careful about their competitors, as they might try to raise conflicts between partners.

April 2014 - June 2014

In the beginning of this quarter you can plan to expand your business. You might add a new product line and bring innovations in your business. if you’re planning to work in partnership, it might not last long as you’ll finally decide to work independently after some time. You might have to face some obstacles in the beginning, but after several ups and downs, you’ll be able to attain success. However, you should be flexible in your strategies and approach. Do not be stubborn about anything in business and career.

The mid phase of the quarter can be favourable for you. But obstacles and problems in accomplishing works are likely to remain. In the last phase of the quarter, you might have to put in extra efforts to get your works done. Expenses are likely to arise if you are planning to expand work.You should be careful about the quantity count of your consignment, as your workers might make a mistake. This can be detrimental for your reputation in the market as well.

The first quarter will be favourable for people who are in service. You will be able to create a good reputation and attain recognition at workplace. You might be also receive awards for your performance. But this can increase your enemies and competitors, leading to stressful situations. Do not get discouraged due to their deeds. Concentrate on your work and don’t discuss your worries with anyone. Those who are planning to apply abroad for jobs, might face some obstacles with the visa process.

July 2014 - September 2014

This will be a favourable period in terms of finance and career. You’ll be able to accomplish all the works undertaken in time. You can get a notice for transfer during this period, which can leave you a bit disappointed. In the second month of this quarter, your worries concerning career are likely to arise. By the third month of this quarter, you will again start feeling energized and motivated about your work.

The second month of this quarter will be beneficial for natives involved in creative and artistic fields. If your profession is related to a foreign country, you may receive some monetary benefits from abroad. In the second month of this period, you will make a lot of efforts to reach your goals. In the third month of this month, you are likely to face obstacles related to work. During this period, you may have to come across some obstacles created by your competitors

This period is not very auspicious for businessmen. It is likely to give mixed results in this regard. You might be elected as the member of business associations. But some people may not be in your favour initially, but by the end of this period everyone will start accepting you. Eventually everyone will become influenced with your thoughts. This will increase the majority of your supporters.

October 2014 - December 2014

The first month of this quarter can be full be problems for you. Your enemies can try hard to harm your reputation at workplace. You should not get discouraged by their actions. and leave your job. This will lead to more problems and you might have to stay without any job for long time after that. The first and the second month of this quarter may not be very favourable for you. You might feel like taking a break due to increasing troubles and related stress levels. This will help you gather new enthusiasm to join your work again. During the second month of this quarter you will make efforts to bring back your career on track, and will find success in it. You’re advised not to get into any kind of conflicts with your seniors or bosses. It might create further problems for you.

In regards to business, the first month of this quarter may not be much favourable for business people. However, the second month will start giving out favourable results in terms of work and profit. Those who work in partnership can expect to gain good profit and opportunities in the last phase of this quarter. People will start recognizing you from your work. Although, the partnership will bring good opportunities, but you are advised to be careful about each other. You should trust each other in order to create long lasting business relationship.

2014 Taurus Prediction - Health and Fitness

January 2014 - March 2014

taurus 2014 healthYou may have to face some health complications in the first month of the quarter. This is te because the lord of Taurus sign, Venus is transiting through the eighth house and Mars is being aspected by Saturn. Venus will be retrograde in the month of January. Aspects f two malefics and retrograde, can bring physical, as well as mental health complications.

Overall. this quarter would be considered unfavourable for health due to retrograde planet. You should be careful while driving. Do not assume that your conscious driving can save you from all troubles. You might get into accident due to other’s fault as well. You may also have to suffer from urinary problems. It is advised to consult the doctor as soon as you experience any prominent symptoms. The last month of this quarter can bring some relief in health matters.

April 2014 - June 2014

The first month of this quarter is likely to be favourable for you. You’ll feel energetic and rejuvenated. Carelessness in eating habits can lead to gastric troubles, which can be resolved with a bit of changes in your diet. The second month of this quarter is also favourable for your in terms of health. However, you are advised to stay away from sharp weapons. Be careful while using them. You’re likely to feel some health concerns in the last month of this quarter. Those who are suffering from problems like kidney stones should be more careful about their health conditions, as they’re likely to suffer from pain in the stomach. You should consult a good doctor without any delays. You might also feel some uneasiness in the feet.

July 2014 - September 2014

The first month of the quarter is likely to be favourable in terms of health, but you might feel a bit laid back. You are advised to practice yoga and meditation to improve your concentration and energy level. A pleasant morning walk will also keep you fit. In the second month of the quarter you might feel physically weak. Those who drive a vehicle should be careful while moving on the road, especially the ones who ride two wheelers.

If you are a diabetes patient, you are likely to suffer from some more complications concerning your health. You are likely to compromise with your diet, which can lead to further health problems. You are advised to maintain strict diet and consult your doctor as soon as you experience any kind of bad symptoms.

October 2014 - December 2014

The last quarter of this year might begin with some serious health concerns. You are likely to suffer from mental, as well as physical problems. You are advised to be extra careful while choosing your meals and eat only as per the required diet. Otherwise, you might end up facing troubles related to stomach and digestion. You are likely to do frequent visit to the doctor. Those who work long hours on computers might have to suffer from problems related to eyes and headache. It is important to give your eyes some rest at small intervals throughout the working hours. Some or the other health problem is likely to affect you in this quarter. Take good care of your health and lifestyle to get relief from some troubles.

Special note: You are advised to recite Shukra strot everyday in the morning and evening throughout this quarter.

2014 Taurus Predictions -Love Affair

January 2014 - March 2014

taurus 2014 relationshipThis may not be a favourable quarter for love affairs. Mars transiting through the fifth house is likely to create problems between couples. Conflicts arising daily between you and your partner can make the relationship bitter. It can also result in irritations. Most of the time in the first month of the quarter will be spent in understanding and resolving conflicts.

The last phase of this quarter may seem a bit settled, but it won’t be the same for long. The situation of disapprovements and conflicts are likely to arise again in the last week of this quarter. This will help you and your partner analyze the status of your relationship in depth and figure out if it’s actually love or affection.

April 2014 - June 2014

The situation is likely to remain the same until the second phase of this quarter. The situation is likely to get worse in the first phase of this quarter, and take an aggressive form by the end of this quarter. It might calm down somewhere in the middle of the of the quarter, but continue to give bad results throughout the period. The major reason for rising conflicts can also be your family’s non-acceptance for your relationship.

July 2014 - September 2014

The ups and downs that you’d been experiencing from such a long time are likely to get over with the separation. Even though, you do not believe in breaking up with someone so easily, but when situation goes out of hand, you might feel like ending everything once for all. You’re going to follow the same approach in this period as well. You might feel emotionally unstable for a while, but eventually you’ll be able to get over with all the pains and start living your life normally.

October 2014 - December 2014

After facing a separation from your loved one, you might feel a little laid back in terms of emotions and acceptance. You’ll not be inclined to form another relationship with anyone else. Your family members can even try to dominate your relationship, and would favour separation, other than union. You might get into rebound affairs to get over with the trauma and pain of your breakup. This can definitely help you gain control on your emotions, but can also affect your image and reputation amongst your friends and family members.

In the last phase of this quarter, you might feel attracted to some other person. Social website can become the medium of new interest in your life. However, this will only end up being as another attraction for you. You might not feel like talking about it publically.

2014 Taurus Prediction - Students

January 2014 - March 2014

 familyThis may not be a favourable quarter of students. You might feel lack of concentration throughout the period. You are likely to get involved in a bad company of friends that will eventually affect your studies. You may even be inclined more towards your love interests, but soon you’ll realize that it is just an attraction. You are advised to concentrate on your studies to achieve your academic goals. Everything is important, but it should be done under certain limitations.

April 2014 - June 2014

It is important to rectify your mistakes and work according to your academic goals. Failure to do so, can affect your studies and academic career in the long term. if you want to score good, it is important to work hard and study with full concentration. During the middle of this phase your mind can wander and you can move away from your goals.You’ll be more inclined in spending your time in playing, movies and other entertainment options. It is advised to set a fixed schedule for every activity and manage your time table accordingly. Otherwise, your parents will see disappointing results and this will make them restless. The mid phase of the quarter is favourable for students planning to participate in contests or competitions.

July 2014 - September 2014

The first month of the quarter can be a bit favourable for students However, the mind can still be living in its own delusions. Those who are interested in learning foreign language will be able to get admissions. If you’re confident about your playing skills, you are likely to get good opportunities. If you wish to succeed in your goals, it is advised not to take your competitors lightly. You might feel aggressive and enthusiasm in your head. You should put these feelings into better use.

October 2014 - December 2014

The first and second month of this quarter can be a bit stressful for students. You are likely to spend a lot of time among your friends or other medium of entertainment. This will severely affect your examinations results and lead to low scores. You’ll feel detached from studies and no amount of counselling or lectures will be able to help you gain back your concentration. This is due to the retrograde Mercury, the lord of the fifth house. Also, the lord of the ascendant is debilitated in this period.

The second phase of this quarter will be inclined more towards developing love relationships with your classmates. You will enjoy indulging in unnecessary talks with them. You may not be willing to study at all during this quarter.

Special Note: Students are advised to recite Saraswati mantra everyday. Reciting Gayatri mantra 11 times in a day will help you develop concentration and schedule for studies.

2014 Taurus Predictions - Travel

January 2014 - March 2014

 familyThis may not be a favourable time for travelling. Travelling done on purpose may not be able to give favourable results. The efforts put in these kinds of travelling are likely to go in vain. It can also affect your health. It is advised to pack all the necessary things if you are heading for a long distance journey. The last month of this quarter will be favourable. You may also plan a small trip with your family.

April 2014 - June 2014

Long distance travel can create hustle bustle for you. You are advised to be careful about your belongings during the journey, especially expensive ones like camera, mobile, jewelry and so on. Do not carry unnecessary cash. Travelling related to admissions of children is also indicated in this quarter. The results will be mixed. The last phase of this quarter is not favourable for travelling purpose. It is advised to avoid them as far as possible.

July 2014 - September 2014

This is going to be a favourable period for journey. Purposeful traveling will give positive results. You may have to take frequent trips during this quarter. The mid phase of this quarter is likely to give mixed results in terms of travel. The journey will give favourable results but your health is likely to get affected. You may even plan to visit a pilgrimage site in the last phase of this quarter. You are advised to be careful about your belongings.

October 2014 - December 2014

The last quarter of the year is likely to give mixed results. This may not be very comforting period for journey. You may even have to travel against your wish. Declining health can also become the factor for lack of interest. You’re likely to feel more comfortable in short distance traveling. On the other hand, long distance travel can upset you. Those who are preparing for foreign travel should choose first or last month of the quarter for better results. Avoid travelling in the mid phase of the quarter as far as possible.

2014 Taurus Predicition - Family

January 2014 - March 2014

 familyThus may not be a favourable period in terms of family and home environment. But the situations will settle down in the family after a while. If you’re thinking to invest in a property in this quarter, you are advised to hold on your plans and reach to any conclusion only after taking into consideration all the factors. You’re advised to finalize the deals only after January. Conflicts related to paternal property are likely to settle down. This can be a favourable month for court cases, but you might also have to face certain obstacles and problems before getting favourable results. You should not lose hope and adopt positive attitude.

Those who are in love affair might decided to take their relationship to the next level, but disapprovals of families, especially your mother can become a cause of concern. You might consider getting married in court due to family pressure. You are advised to take into consideration all the factors before taking any big step of your life. Health of parents can also make you upset. Friend will be supportive and beneficial for you.

April 2014 - June 2014

Your spouse may behave a bit stubborn and irritated during this quarter. You are advised to keep your calm and try to understand the psychology behind such behavior of your spouse. In the mid phase of the quarter, you’re likely to remain upset about your children, seeing the increasing difference between him or her and your spouse. This can also affect the environment of the house. You might feel going to some secluded and peaceful place away from all the problems of your home.

The last phase of this quarter can result in unexpected increase in expenses, which can increase your stress level due to financial instability. If you’re planning to shift to a new house, it is advised to do it in the mid phase of the quarter.

July 2014 - September 2014

The first phase of the quarter is likely to be favourable. Disputes related to property can settle down due to the interference of the third party. You are likely to attain monetary benefits from your mother and property. Those who are planning to conceive, might get the good news by the end of the first phase of this quarter. Hower, you’ll be required to be extra careful after conceiving. The last phase of this quarter will be favourable for married life. Those who are unmarried are likely to get proposals for marriage.

Even though the behavior of your spouse is likely to settle down for good, the expenses may arise. Your mother may start showing the signs of irritability, which can lead to conflicts. You should try to make your children understand the prevailing conditions.

October 2014 - December 2014

This will be a favourable quarter in terms of family and married life. Mars is transiting through its own sign, Scorpio in this quarter. The first and the last phase of this quarter are likely to be more favourable. Your spouse will prove to be fortunate for you in the last phase of the quarter. You’ll might feel unsatisfied with your children, which can become a cause of concern for you. The damage from your maternal uncle’s side can affect your life in any form. You might feel withdrawn from your responsibilities during this month, due to lack of enthusiasm and confidence. Your speech can become harsh too, causing disturbance in the family environment.

Health of your children can create stress in the family. Try to avoid getting into any kind of conflict with your relatives and neighbours. You are likely to get into a fight with your mother or mother figure of your family.

Remedies for Taurus Predictions - 2014

You are advised to recite the mantra, “Om Gan Ganpataye Namah” 108 times everyday through the year.

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