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Capricorn Horoscope 2014 | 2014 Capricorn Horoscope - Makar 2014 Rashifal

Characteristics of Capricorn sign

Yearly Horoscope 2014 for Capricorn Moon SignCapricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. In the zodiac this sign is from 270 to 300 degrees. Saturn is the lord of this sign and its symbol is a goat. Its element is earth and it is a moveable sign. As it’s a moveable sign the influence of this sign can be seen on you because you always remain moving and you do not like to stay at one place only.As you are of the earth element, you are a practical person. You don’t just talk about doing things, you actually do them. Due to the impact of this sign you have a critical nature. Both in personal and business areas. To have development and success you require freedom.

You remain critical even in love related matters and move forward slowly. You never like to involve yourself in the matters of others until and unless you are expressly asked to. Your actions are the best proof of your personality and character. You are not into show off and give more emphasis on deeds. You only keep company with people who are honest, dedicated and are similar to you in nature. Your relation with your family is fine all the time and in order to help them you can go beyond your limits. You like to be with your family during festivals and special occasions.

Your social circle will be very limited. The people who are attached with you they know how firm and dynamic person you are. You never make a show of your talents because you do not like it. You speak less and work more. People judge you by your work. You fulfill your responsibilities very nicely. You are a good manager. You have a refined sense of humor and are a disciplined person.

Along with your good qualities you lack some things. The biggest deficiency in you is that you always keep saying that you know everything. You do not forgive someone easily and expect the worst thing to happen because of which your thinking becomes negative. If you are able to control all these shortcomings then you can be as a person with all the positive qualities.

Appropriate Career for Capricorn sign

Saturn is the lord of Capricorn sign so the works related to saturn are considered to be favourable for you. You can do work that is related to agriculture. You can also do work in the field that is related to metal. The work related to wood and iron will also be favourable for you. You will make an excellent judge.

2014 Capricorn Horoscope - Money and Finance

January 2014 to March 2014

 money and fitnessIn the initial quarter of the year you may have a lot of expenses. These expenses may crop up unexpectedly, there can be some expenditure on your children. During this month you may also invest a fair amount of to expand your business, because of which you may have to investments may cross your comfort zone.

Your money may be spent in matters related to court. You may have to take a loan for an urgent family expense. The investments that you’ve made in your business will not yield results before the end of the quarter, in fact you might have to make fresh investments into the business. Because of this you will have to face a lot of problems till the end of the quarter.

April 2014 to June 2014

This quarter will bring mixed results for you. In the initial phase of the quarter your money may be spent in organising religious programs. If you stay in joint family then you may spend some money to help your brother and sister but there are chances that you will get a monetary benefit from your children’s side. There are chances of many unnecessary expenditures in the first and the second quarters. Do not make unsound investments and avoid greed or you might end up becoming a victim of a fraud.

The end of this quarter will bring you some relief. At this time you can get free from some outdoor activities. Your life partner can prove to be helpful in increasing your profits. In this quarter you might be drawn towards wrong deals and work because of your financial burdens. Avoid any wrong-doing or you may get stuck very badly. Keep your mind balanced and do not go on the wrong path.

July 2014 to September 2014

This quarter brings chances for you to earn money. In the initial phase you may experience economic problems and to solve these problem you may take some debt from your friends or relatives but from the second phase of the quarter there are chances of improvement in your economic situation. You might be able to find new sources of income and the household will run smoothly. Your income from abroad will increase around the middle of the quarter.

In the last phase of the quarter you may get money from some secret mediums thus any previously made investment may bring in good results for you at this time. If sometime ago you have invested in share market then you will get that profit now.

October 2014 to December 2014

The last month of the quarter is auspicious for you. In this quarter you will achieve new dimensions in profit making. You will be engrossed in work that will bring in the income, but to save you’ll need to watch your expenses. If you are involved in religious activities then you can expect some profits from there as well. In this quarter you will be successful in paying back all loans. This will give you some relief.

The last phase of the quarter you have the ability of earning money through many ways. At this time your friends can also be profitable for you and by investing in land will give you profit with great margins. Your mother can also be helpful in providing you profits whether this profit be in any form.

Cancer Predictions 2014 - Career and Profession

January 2014 to March 2014

capricorn 2014 CareerFrom career point of view, this quarter will bring mixed results for the people of Capricorn sign. If your job is transferrable then there are chances of you getting transferred. and it can be at such place where you will not feel comfortable, because of which you will not feel interested in work.

The lack of interest may manifest in your performance and you may earn the reputation of someone who doesn’t work. If your business is related to other countries there may be obstacles in your way. Do not make any significant financial decisions during this time. You shouldn’t take any important decision during this period to avoid unfavorable results. The third and the last phase of the quarter is relatively favourable.

This time is full of hard work and stress for businessfolks. You may not be able to earn much profit right now, but the work you do now will yield results in the times to come. Thus you should not feel disappointed or frustrated. Instead keep your calm and keep your focus on the work. During this time your aggressiveness may be seen in your work. This aggressiveness will only come out in the form of your energy and you will work with more passion to succeed in any endeavour.

April 2014 to June 2014

The second quarter of the year will be favourable for you. You will get the due recognition for the work you’ve done and your prestige will get a boost. This will also increase your chances of promotion. You on the other hand might not want to stay in the place any longer and might look for a change.

There are thoughts of changing the job going on in your mind. At this time there are chances that you will not be having too good relations with your seniors. This situation will affect you and you may take the decision of leaving the job in haste and passion which can prove to be harmful for you. Don’t leave your job till the time you have a new one.

People involved with government institutions can be send for “deputation” because of which you may have to experience many barriers and troubles. If you are stressed while you work, your tension will only be pronounced. So try to be relaxed.

For the people in business, the beginning of the quarter is not favourable. At this time your mind may remain confused and you may make some wrong decisions. You might also show signs of laziness which can leave a bad influence on the tempo of your work. In the last phase of this quarter an opponent can put pressure on you and your business may be affected.

July 2014 to September 2014

The beginning of this quarter is not favourable for you. There may be fluctuations in your job at this time. Do not get involved in an argument during this period and mind your own business. You must not behave wrongly with anyone in your anger. Whether you do business or are in a job, in both cases you should not be flirtatious. Do not go beyond business conversations with your colleagues.

From the point of business, the middle phase of the quarter is favourable for you. At this time your popularity can increase and there may be expansion in your work. At the end of the quarter you may get trapped in someone’s tricks and may have to go through a mental torture. Adopt restraint at the time of difficulty.

October 2014 to December 2014

From the career point of view, the last phase of this quarter is favourable for you. In this quarter there are chances of all your desires getting fulfilled. All your wishes may be relaized during this quarter. The second and third phase of the quarter are relatively more on your side than the first phase.

In the first phase you will keep trying to prove yourself but the results of your hard work and struggle will only be seen from the second and the third phase. In the first period of the quarter you should behave carefully with your seniors. Make sure you don’t offend them so that they go against you or take any action against you.

For the people in business the time will be complex. In the second part of the quarter you may make progress with someone’s help. A senior or experienced person might give you some tips related to business which you can adopt to move towards success.

Capricorn Predictions 2014 - Health and Fitness

January 2014 to March 2014

capricorn 2014 healthYour health may not be good right from the beginning of the quarter. You may have to go through mental suffering as well as physical disorders. The doctor will not be able to understand your illness easily and much time will be taken for proper diagnosis.

Even a small disease will give you an unusual amount of trouble during this quarter. Make sure you don’t get over-stressed or you may have to suffer from diabetes. You must get rid of stress which is the reason of all the diseases for you right now.

April 2014 to June 2014

If you already have joint pain, then you may have to suffer more at the beginning of the quarter. Your body’s nervous system may not remain in control which could cause weakness in your muscles .

In the second phase of the quarter you may have knee related diseases if you keep sitting at one place for a long time. Take care of your health and exercise regularly. Try walking to keep your muscles loose and flexible. If you have to go to the third or fourth floor then use the stairs instead of a lift.

July 2014 to September 2014

The third quarter of the year will bring in mixed results for you. In the initial phase you will face problems related to health but it will soon be solved by the middle phase. If any problem persists at all, it will be gone by the end of the quarter.

From the point of health, the second phase of the quarter will be favourable for you and you will experience fitness and freshness. In the third phase of the quarter there are chances of your health becoming perfect but during this period the women who have just conceived should take care of themselves.

October 2014 to December 2014

In the last quarter of the year you will have to face mental sufferings. These mental sufferings can even cause estrangement between you and your father which might make you confused and restless.

In the second and the third part of the quarter the situation is seen will be relatively favourable. You should practice meditation and yoga under the guidance of a teacher to remain mentally strong. In order to have a healthy mind you can also spend some time in an ashram.

Capricorn Predictions 2014 - Love and Relationships

January 2014 to March 2014

capricorn 2014 relationshipThe first portion of this quarter of the year is not very good one for you in terms of relationships. There’s a chance that there may be stress in your relationship and it may seem very dry and uninteresting. Hidden relationships may come out in the open making you the focus of discussion among your friends and neighbors. All of this may upset you and you may feel detached from love. The situation will improve by the end of the quarter and you might feel a fresh kindling of love towards your partner.

April 2014 to June 2014

This period of the quarter can be said to be favourable for your relationship. The misunderstandings that arose between the two of you will now be resolved. Both of you will be drawn towards each other again. Just make sure that you follow your own mind and heart and don’t fall prey no matter how much a friend tries to incite you against your partner. Don’t pay attention to hearsay. Your partner may give you a gift during this quarter.

July 2014 to September 2014

If your relationship is already experiencing fights and disagreements then it may at the verge of collapse. You will not understand what is to be done. There’s a chance that your partner’s health may take a beating or he or she might become ill. This will stress you out further. Those who are in a relationship since a long time might plan to get married. There may be protests when you raise this issue in front of your family, though everyone will agree at the end.

October 2014 to December 2014

This part of the quarter is not favourable from relationships. There may be an increase in disagreements or fights. If you secretly admire someone but haven’t expressed yourself, then don’t do it for now. If you express your love now there are chances to hear a no in response.

There’s also a scope of being cheated in love, or your partner may be faking the feelings. Therefore first get full information about your lover and then move forward. Do not blindly believe friends that are made through social sites or you may become a victim of fake allegations.

Capricorn Predictions 2014 - Students

January 2014 to March 2014

 familyThere may be obstacles for students who were planning to study abroad. There may even be an interruption in your studies. Have a close look at the friends around you and try to figure out why you are lagging behind. Introspect and try to learn how you can do better in the future. Keep your focus on the studies and make yourself a success in your future tests.

April 2014 to June 2014

During this quarter your mind may be a little confused and you may not be able to focus on your studies even if you want to. Trouble at home could be a reason for this.

Your focus will be back on studies by the second part of the quarter and you may even secure a high rank. You also have the chances of getting good results in sports competitions. Your friends may help you get over any loss in studies. In the last month of the quarter you may participate in many competitive examinations, but you’ll have to make a lot of effort.

July 2014 to September 2014

This quarter will be favorable for you if you are going to take part in any competition, but you’ll need to put in your best effort to get the desired result. During the middle of the quarter you may waste your time on entertainment or by getting involved in unnecessary conversations.

Don’t become too happy or complacent if you achieve good marks. Your attention might be diverted in conversations with the colleagues of the opposite gender.

October 2014 to December 2014

In the beginning of this quarter your mind may be distracted and you will not be able to understand what is to be done. You may feel confused while studying. At this time luck will not be in your favour and you may get addicted to something. Your parents will face embarrassment due to your addictions. During this quarter chant the saraswati mantra. If you save yourself in the first part of the quarter then the next two months will also be in your favour.

Capricorn Predictions 2014 - Travel

January 2014 to March 2014

 familyThis quarter is not very suitable for traveling. During this time you might face many problems while travelling. There’s a chance of some damage or hurt. If you are booking your tickets through an agent, then make sure that you are getting what you asked for. During the second and the third month of the quarter, you may travel long distances in order to meet your children living far from you.

April 2014 to June 2014

During this quarter there will be interruptions in journeys. It is doubtful that you will achieve what you have set out to do. Avoid travelling during the first phase of the quarter. It’s better if you schedule your trip in the second and the third month of the quarter. The journeys made during this time will bring in happiness for you. You may go for an outing with your family to a far off place and you will enjoy the journey.

July 2014 to September 2014

During this quarter, long as well as short distance journeys can bring in mixed results for you. There may be some loss at home due to these trips. Irregular eating habits and eating out may damage your health and you might have to suffer from stomach ache, vomiting or diarrhea. Make sure you check the quality of the food that you are eating. During this quarter the journeys made abroad can prove to be profitable for you.

October 2014 to December 2014

During this time you might go on a religious trip just to make a show of your religiousness. If you are on a religious trip then keep your heart pure and do not talk about any immoral things. The middle part of the quarter would be favourable for travelling. It will also be suitable to travel abroad. Don’t go on risky journeys and avoid traveling to the mountains during the last part of the quarter.

Capricorn Predictions 2014 - Family

January 2014 to March 2014

 familyYou may start the quarter with tension between you and your mother because of land related matters. You will be full of suspicion during this period and will insist on resolving all land related issues which may cause daily fights in your family. Your mother can be very stubborn and matters will remain unchanged. You might both be blaming each other unnecessarily.

You might be renovating your home, and might be a bit troubled because the expenses may be more than what you expected. Support from your younger siblings is unlikely during this quarter. You should think carefully before investing in any big project right now.

April 2014 to June 2014

The tensions that were going on due on land might now be even more pronounced and there can be a situation of great tension between the father and son or the mother and the son. If there is construction going on in your house then due to some reasons there can be an objection made by the government officials and the construction work may have to be stopped which will disturb your mind.

Due this reason your mind will be filled with anxiety. Another reason for the stoppage in construction can be because of shortage of money. It is possible that at this time you may move further over your budget and may face economic hardship. It is better to specify your budget beforehand instead of facing the adverse conditions later.

During the second and the third part of the quarter you should move have a diplomatic approach towards your relatives and friends. You should stay away from unnecessary criticism. Don’t listen to what people are saying pay attention to yourself and your family and carry on.

July 2014 to September 2014

During this quarter, the tension in the family will not improve. The conflict between you and your siblings may come out in the open. Whatever bitterness you were facing in your married life from a long time will now disappear from the second month of the quarter. You may be fully dedicated towards your partner and your partner will also have a special liking for you. Both of you can plan to spend your vacations with your family.

During this quarter you should be careful as there are chances of getting into a secret extramarital relationship. People looking to get married may finalize a relationship. Your children may bring create some worries for you during the second month. You should ignore these problems because something or the other will always keep going on in life and thus you should move forward.

October 2014 to December 2014

This quarter is not seen to be favourable for your fathers health. During this quarter take care of your father and make sure he does not neglect his health. During this time people from your mothers side can interfere in your life because of which your daily routine may be affected. Your fate can go against you in many things, like at this time there will be trouble from father’s side as well the children. Your children might do something that can cause an embarrassment to you.

The second phase of the quarter may be relatively favourable for you. During this time you will carry all the family responsibilities very nicely and you will spend good time with friends. Your children will also work according to you. The end phase of the quarter will deflate you because of your partner’s health. Your friends and brother and sister will help you during unfavourable time.

Capricorn Predictions 2014 - Remedies

The whole year you should go to a shani mandir every saturday evening, sit there and read shani chalisa. If you ever see the statue of lord shani then never look into his eyes, look at his feet and pray for peace. Never buy oil or a broom on saturday and this day and do not dig up the soil.

Every morning you should read the ganesh chalisa text regularly.

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