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Cancer Horoscope 2014 | 2014 Cancer Horoscope - Karka 2014 Rashifal

Characteristics of cancer Sign

Yearly Horoscope 2014 for Cancer Moon SignCancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. In the zodiac this sign expands from 90-120 degrees. Moon is the lord of this sign. Cancer sign rules four quarters of pushya nakshatra and the four quarters of Ashlesha. It presides over the south direction and is a moveable sign.

This sign is related to the water bodies and the area surrounding the water and its symbol is a crab. Due to the influence of this sign you are very emotional and because of your emotions you may take decisions in haste without giving much thought to them. You do not think much about the result on a decision that you have taken. When you get deeply attached to someone then you are very loyal to them, and will not hesitate to sacrifice even your life for your good friends. But you establish friendship with only very few people.

This sign is related to the water bodies and area surrounding the water i.e coastal areas, beaches and waterfalls. You love to stay at home rather than visiting public places. One quality often seen in people of cancer sign is that just the way a crab grabs a person or thing in its claws and does not leave it even if he has to sacrifice his claws due to this, in the same way a person of Cancer sign does not forget any slight quickly. If something hurts them then they keep thinking about it all the time and are not able to leave it. You are very imaginative and just like water, you have a flexible nature, wherever you will be put you are able to take up that shape.

Appropriate career for cancer sign

Moon is the lord of this sign, because of which it is considered a benign sign. Due to the influence of this sign, the person is soft natured and emotional. You are hard working. You dream up big schemes. The suitable career for cancerians are the fields related to export and import of medicines, discovery, business related to food, water related products and working in startups.

Other than this, you have the chances of working in the water department. You can work in the navy also, milk related business, fishing and business of honey. You can also be in the hotel business. Careers like painting, arts, irrigation department, botanical department and business related to white things such as cotton, rice, milk, moon-stones and white metals are also suitable for you.

2014 Cancer Horoscope - Money and Finance

January 2014 to March 2014

 money and financeFor the people having cancer sign, the first quarter of the month can bring unnecessary expenses. The beginning of the year can bring lots of ups and downs in your life. So it is important to be careful about money related matters. In these three months, it is possible that you will have to spend some money maybe on your younger brother or sister or in order to solve your own problems.

In the beginning of this quarter you will have a requirement to take a financial loan and you will not be successful on controlling your expenses. At this time you are likely to spend money in court cases or share market due to which you will have a lot of tensions.

In the middle of this quarter you will also have to spend some money on your life partner. Along with this, you may buy some necessary home items. You will get success and money, but it will be very difficult to understand where this money goes. The end of this quarter can bring relief to you. At this time you can have some financial profit. During this time, you will be completely engrossed in earning money, you should try to control all your unnecessary expenses as much as possible.

Note : To get rid of your financial problems and lack of money you should chant the money related kuber mantra.

April 2014 to June 2014

You may begin the second quarter of the year on a positive note financially. In this quarter you have pretty good chances of earning money. People who are at a higher level will help you a lot in your work and you will achieve success. In the second part of the quarter your efforts will bring in results and you will earn money. If you keep working hard and put in the same efforts then you will get good results, so there is no point sitting idle.

You will have to work hard in order to achieve your goal otherwise things may not work out. Keep your dominance on your enemies. At times you will face financial problems. Business related expenses can spoil your budget. In this quarter keep your confidence and move forward to get good results. The end of this quarter may see an increase in your budget.

July 2014 to September 2014

The third quarter of the year is likely to bring in mixed results. In the beginning of this quarter you will have extra expenses having an effect on your savings. You are likely to spend some money on your family’s need and also in order to take care of your health. But you will earn enough through your dedication.

This quarter will bring a positive news and your financial tensions will be resolved. Whatever responsibilities you have, you will meet them successfully. At this time the planets are in your favour and will bring in the gifts of your hard work. During this period you will spend money on your own self. You may buy expensive things for yourself. Your condition will remain good till the end of this quarter. Also, if you have invested money or it has been stuck somewhere, then its time to rejoice.

October 2014 to December 2014

For the people of cancer sign, the beginning of this quarter is favourable in regards to financial matters. During this period, you will get some good opportunities to earn money but may bring you mixed results. At this time you will be passionate and enthusiastic in working towards your expectations and hope.

During the beginning of this quarter you will have to face tensions related to money but the problems won’t last long. However your expenses may keep on increasing. It is important for you to keep control over your anger otherwise you will move away from people.

You will get good results of your hard work. At this time you may borrow some money. The position of your planets will change leading to improvement in your condition. You may buy some things of your choice. Although this period is favorable moneywise, the results from the work may not satisfy you. You are likely to spend some money on your self and may plan to go out of the country on a vacation.

Cancer predictions 2014 - Career and Profession

January 2014 to March 2014

cancer 2014 CareerFrom career’s point of view, this quarter will be average for people of cancer sign. In this quarter you will work hard towards your goals, but the results that you are seeking may elude you. You will not be found lacking in your efforts which says a lot about your spirit. The situation may disappoint you, but you must not let disappointment overcome you. Don’t step down your efforts and maintain your drive, because that will help you overcome the situation.

On the negative side, your enemies can involve you in a plan which will be harmful but if you practice restraint then you can foil their plans. You may travel to many places for your work which will give you good results later. During this time you should think thoroughly before taking all business decisions.

April 2014 to June 2014

The second quarter of the year is likely to bring various shifts at workplace. The clashing of the two planets with each other will lead to disappointment in work. Still, from somewhere or the other there will be an improvement in your condition.

You may also receive some pressure from the government and the people working a level below can also bring some troubles for you. At this time the people who are at a higher level than you will be a little unsatisfied with you because of your work but this does not mean that they are unaware of your ability.

The influence of the two planets will cause some obstacles in business. The influence of your laziness will be seen on your work. You will have to take a loan to solve money related problems. You can earn some money by investing it in the share market. For business related work travelling abroad would be favourable. In order to maintain your prestige you will have to work with proper planning. You might have to think about changing your business. You may have to struggle to complete your task, but if you keep going you will make it.

July 2014 to September 2014

This period is auspicious in regards to career. You are likely to attain good position in your career and whatever problems you were going through will dissolve. You will have to travel for work in the beginning of this quarter. There may be opportunities to travel abroad. There’s a chance that you might not be able to grab the opportunity, but the opportunities will present themselves nevertheless. On the negative side, your colleagues will try their best to create problems in your work.

In the second phase of the quarter you will show good results in your professional life. During this period you can also plan to expand your business with your partners, because of which you will have to work harder. You may also be preparing to start a new job.

October 2014 to December 2014

In the beginning of this quarter you will get fast results in your work. You will have a lot of work and from time to time there will be changes in your thinking. The influence of the planets indicate instability and there is a possibility of changes taking place. At this time it is better not to get angry, instead be calm, think wisely and try to solve problems.

Your business will speed up and partnerships will be profitable, but it is a good idea to be very careful if you are going to invest in the share market. Make sure your research is complete and only then move forward.

You will have to face competition and problems in your job because of your competitors. You will also have to work for others. Before going on for a tour it is important that the people in business should consider all possibilities. Think about the profits, and make sure the tour is beneficial.

Cancer Predictions 2014 - Health and Fitness

January 2014 to March 2014

cancer 2014 healthFor the people of cancer sign, it is important to take care of your health. You are likely to suffer from some health ailments. Some other reason will also have an affect on your health. During this period you will have to face a lot of mental stress. It may even affect your happiness.

You will be really disturbed because of the uneasiness going on inside your heart. Keep yourself away from unnecessary tensions. People who are suffering from heart related problems should take care of themselves. You should go to a doctor for regular check up. To get rid of mental stress you will have to take the support of medicine through which you will become calm and stable.

April 2014 to June 2014

In this quarter the health of the people having cancer sign will remain normal. You should take proper diet to maintain your health. The change in the weather may have an affect on your health. It is important for you to take care of your mother during this period. You should take proper care of her and be alert in health related matters.

In the fourth planet due to the transit of malefic planets, the health of the mother is likely to be affected. During this quarter you are likely to remain stressed. Try not to take too much stress and relax your mind if you can. Following a routine of yoga and meditation can help you deal with the situations in a better manner. Divert your mind to spirituality to find much needed peace.

July 2014 to September 2014

From health point of view, this period will bring some improvements in your health. The problems that you were going through from a long time will become less troublesome. The problem that you were facing will now be solved and you will get some relief. There may be some health related issues in the beginning of the quarter.

From the second phase of this quarter there are chances of improvement in your health. But you should not ignore your health otherwise it can lead you to suffer from a serious illness. At this time it is important to protect children from hot and cold weather and it is also important to take proper care of their diet.

October 2014 to December 2014

From health point of view, you may receive mixed results during this period. In the first phase of this quarter you will suffer weakness in terms of health. Due to your hectic schedule, you may feel tired, hence you should take proper rest and care and be free from all work. During this time if you will eat too much from outside then you will have to suffer from stomach pain or gas problems.

In the last phase of the quarter there will be a change in your behavioural pattern and you are likely to get angry easily because of which may remain irritated for a long time. The health of your father is also likely to be affected during this phase. The tricks played by your enemies can make you mentally tired and you will not feel confident about your ability.

Cancer relationships - Love and Relationships

January 2014 to March 2014

cancer 2014 relationshipThis quarter will give mixed results with regard to love and relationships. Your younger brother and sister may try to interfere in your relationship. Due to this some differences can also occur. You can become your own enemy because of your anger and thus you should keep yourself calm and also keep yourself away from taking hasty decisions.

During this time there are chances that people may come to know about your relation because of which your tensions can increase. During the middle phase of the quarter those who are in a love relationship for a long time are likely to get married.

April 2014 to June 2014

In the initial period of this quarter, you need to be careful in matters of love. Both of you may have complaints against each other and may feel that the other person does not respect your emotions or understand you. It would become difficult to agree with each others thoughts. The love in your relationships may be reduced. If you get involved in a new relationship then there are chances that it may not go on for long as at this time the fifth lord, mars will transit.

The last phase of this quarter will bring a little relief for you. There will be some improvement in your love relationship. You may feel some stability. This period can solve all sort of disputes. You can receive some gift or surprise from your partner.

July 2014 to September 2014

This period is not too favourable for love relationships. At this time you will have to go through a lot of problems. There will be interference of others in your relationship because of which the clashes in your relationship can increase but if you work sensibly then this problem can be controlled and coordination can be restored.

At this time you should understand the seriousness of your relationship and take the right decision. You should remain relaxed and wait for the favourable time as the situation is surely going to change.

October 2014 to December 2014

During this quarter you will get time to spend some nice moments with each other. But at this time you can have a lot of anger because of which even a small thing can lead to a dispute with your partner and further complicate things. The stability is due to Jupiter’s benefic aspect.

During this quarter you may be tempted to get involved in new love relationships and the feelings of love and romance will keep coming in your mind. Your relationship may move towards marriage. So ease your mind and wait for a suitable time.

Cancer Predictions 2014 - Students

January 2014 to March 2014

 familyFor students, this quarter may not give favourable results. In the initial phase of this quarter you are likely to be involved in extra activities similar to athletics. You will be full of energy and enthusiasm and will always be ready to do hard work. It will take time to get the favourable results but do not feel depressed.

In the middle of this quarter you will get some unexpected results. This period can be a little contrary. During the middle of this phase your mind can wander and you can move away from your goals.

April 2014 to June 2014

You will have to face a lot of problems. You will not be able to focus and concentrate much on your studies during this period. You will have to put in a lot of efforts in order to get success and some or the other problem will always remain. If you keep making the efforts, your bad-luck spell will get over soon.

You should focus on your studies rather than indulging in unnecessary discussions. During this period there will be an increase in your responsibilities and the work pressure can also increase. Due to this you may get confused about your targets. In the last month of this quarter you can put efforts to go abroad for your studies.

July 2014 to September 2014

This quarter can be stressful for students. You will have to work really hard. Do not let yourself get distracted because of anything, as the influence of the planets can distract you and take your mind away from studies.

You should not waste your mind on unproductive affairs otherwise it will put a roadblock in your studies. There can be some expenses on education. Students can face money related problems during education.

October 2014 to December 2014

This quarter is quite favourable for students. If you were lagging behind in studies then it can be solved. If you do not show any negligence in your studies then you can get great results during this time.

Students who are in college may develop an interest in politics. If you are participating in some competition then you will get a positive result. At this time you can do really well in stage related activities such as play or drama. It is important that you do not get into any argument with your teachers. Have respect towards them otherwise you will have to face the brunt.

Cancer Predictions 2014 - Travel

January 2014 to March 2014

travelFor the people of cancer sign, this quarter can bring in some problems in traveling. You may make several journey to places that are not very far off. You may plan an outing with your partner as well.

Due to the aspect of the malefic planets you will feel uncomfortable and rough while travelling. The presence of Jupiter may cause a long distance journey too. In the last phase of the quarter you can travel to some religious places or can even go for a hidden trip without telling anybody.

April 2014 to June 2014

During this quarter you might get a lot of chances to travel. In the beginning you will not get very good results or will have to travel again and again for the same purpose. During this time you will have to travel in order to expand your business.

In the middle of the quarter, you may make journeys to improve your business or financial status. If you are in the business of import export then you may have to travel abroad. You will have to face some problems during this journey.

July 2014 to September 2014

During the quarter you may plan to travel abroad for work related matter. In this case, you will see several important changes for yourself. People related to art and culture will be able to introduce their talent to the world.

You may have to go for several journeys in connection to the work around the middle of the quarter. Some of the trips however may be canceled or there may be a hindrance.

October 2014 to December 2014

This period will be good as far as journeys are concerned. Your journey will help you to get promoted in your job. Traveling may be more beneficial to those who are in partnerships. Some people may try to put obstructions in your journey.

Senior executive or subordinates people may make things easier for you. The trips made in relation to work can bring in lots of profit for you. You may benefit from your spouse, or may have to travel because of him or her.

Cancer Predictions 2014 - Family

January 2014 to March 2014

 money and fitnessThe people of cancer sign will have a good family life in this quarter. The initial phase of this quarter is not very good from the perspective of family’s happiness. You may be mentally anxious and this may cause you to be a bit rude or uncivil to others.

There is a possibility to have many conflicts with your life partner, therefore it is important that you keep control on yourself. Your married life will not be that great and because of the tension between both of you. You both may put false allegations on each other because of small things whose side effects will be seen on your child. Your tone may be harsh.

There can be some controversy in the family because of land or such related issues. Do not involve yourself in a detailed debate or you may end up visiting the court. The health of your mother can become a cause of concern. At the end of the quarter disagreement in the family may be resolved.

July 2014 to September 2014

During this period there are some chances of guests arriving in the family. Your spouse may have an unusual amount of concern for their mother. There will be strength in the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relations. Your love towards your brother and sister will be maintained and you can also expect some gifts from them. At this time you should take proper care of your mother and keep her away from mental anxiety.

You may have some anxiety due to your children. Some or other way dilemma can cause trouble for you. You should stop your children from getting into wrong company otherwise there can be some trouble. During this period you may also plan to give some money to charity. Due to the presence of spirituality, you will have interest in religious work.

October 2014 to December 2014

During the end of the quarter you can expect some growth in your work. The tensions of your work area can also reach your home which can bring some heaviness in the environment. At this time you may also purchase some goods for yourself and other people. You can have a strong wish to buy a vehicle, etc. At home programs such as wedding may be organized.

Your relationship with your life partner will remain good. You will be successful in attaining his or her love. In this quarter there are a lot of chances of organising many festivals and ceremonies in your home. There are chances of visits from your relatives and you will also get opportunities to meet your old friends. Your friendship with some unknown people can be long lasting.

Remedies for 2014 - Cancer sign

This year you should recite hanuman chalisa 7 times during the evening each day. Along with this every saturday in the evening you should light a mustard oil lamp and take 7 rounds around a peepal tree.

Please remember one thing that the oil should not be bought on saturday, instead you should buy earlier. When you light the lamp keep one more thing in mind that you have to light it after the sunset but before the dark.

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