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Chinnamastika (Rajrappa Shakti Peeth) – Chinnamastika Temple

Famous Shakti Peeth of Goddess Chinnamastika is situated in Ramghar,75km away from Rachi. People of Bihar, Jharkand, Bengal and Chatishghar consider it as the main Shakti Peeth. This is one of the famous 10 Mahavidhyas. It is believed that the ancient temple of Goddess was destroyed. Hence, a new temple was constructed and the original idol of Goddess was placed in it.

This Shakti Peeth is located at the junction of Damodar and Bhairavi river. Damodan is known as Shiva and Bhairavi is known as Shakti. Bhairavi river (form of Shakti) has a lower flow and Damodar (form of Shiva) falls in Bhairavi from a height. After the junction of 2 rivers, it is called the river Bheda. This place is called Raj Rappa.

Here is the famous Tantric Peeth of Chinnamastika temple. Like the Tarapeeth of Bengal, people can visit the temple and perform Puja in the morning itself. Only selected people can stay at night in the guest house constructed by forest department and Jharkhand tourist department. Temple of rest over 9 Mahavidhya is in this temple.

Goddess Chinnamastika’s head is cut. The blood streams flowing from both the sides of neck are taken by 2 Mahavidya. Kamdev and Rati lie down in the feet of Goddess. Additionally, there is a statue which is wrapped and it is the original statue. No one knows that how old is this original idol. A goat is sacrificed here. After which, head is taken away by Pujari and body is given to the person who offered the Bali (sacrificed the goat). The blood flown while sacrifice never have flies around it, which is a really surprising.

The nearest railway station to reach Rarappa are Rachi and Barkakana. Rane is the nearest airport. Bus service is available from Ranchi, Hajari Bagh, Banka and Dhanbaad. After 5pm, it is tough to get vehicle from temple to return back. Hence, it is convenient to have booking in advance.

Mata Chinnamasta Origin Story

Bhagwati Bhawani was having a bath in Mandakini river along with her two friends. The two started feeling very hungry while bathing and their color changed to black. they asked Bhawani to give them something to eat. Bhawani asked them to wait for some time, but, they insisted.

Then they pleaded very softly saying “Mother gives food immediately to her hungry child.” Hearing this, Goddess had cut her head. The head came in left hand and 3 blood streams stated flowing. Two of them went towards the girls. Drinking it, there hunger was finished and the 3rd stream was drunk by Goddess itself. Form then she became famous with the name of Chinnamastika.