Kartik Month Significance – Importance of Kartik Month

The full moon day of Ashwin month is also knows as Sharad Purnima and marks the commencement of Kartik month holy bath. This bathing ritual ends on the full moon day of Kartik month. In this whole month the devotees take holy bath early in the morning. As per the scriptures, each day of Kartik month is a festive day and charity, holy bath, good deeds have special significance in Hindu culture.

Katik Month- Story of a Worm and a Insect

Once there was a worm and an insect. Worm asks the insect to take Kartik holy bath along with her, but he refuses and instead says that, “ he wants to eat his food and drink cold water”. Worm stick itself to the stole of a princess to bathe in the holy river, and the insect continues to eat and drink his treat and did not bathe at all. At the end of the Kartik month  both of them died and took rebirth in other forms. The worm took birth at a King’s house as his daughter and became a princess as a result of the Kartik bath and the insect got a new life in the form of a Donkey serving as a carrier at the King’s palace.

The princess was later on married to a prince. While going to her in-law’s house she stopped the cart and asked her father to gift the Donkey to her and let it go with her. The king and the queen gets surprised by hearing their daughter’s demand and asked her to demand for something useful. But she did not agree and took the Donkey along with her. On reaching to her in-law’s house, she tied the Donkey under the stairs of the palace.

One day when she was walking down the stairs, the Donkey asked her for some water. On listening to it, she requested the Donkey to take the Kartik bath. Since, in the previous birth he did not bathe in the holy water during the Kartik month and instead went to eat his feast.” Princess’s sister-in-law hears the whole conversation between her and the Donkey and informs the prince about it with an opinion that she might be a witch. The prince doesn’t get convinced with her blame and decides to witness it himself before reaching to any conclusion.

Next day, the prince hides himself behind the stairs and wait for the princess to come and have conversation with the Donkey. The princess comes down and converses with the Donkey in the same manner, as she did before. The prince takes out his sword and puts it on the princess’s neck. He asks the princess to tell the truth or he will kill her. She tells the prince the entire story and how she got a new birth in the form of a princess because she took Kartik bath and why the insect got new birth of a Donkey.

The prince gets surprised by listening to the glory of the Kartik month and understands the significance of it. He decides to take bath in this auspicious month along with the  princess. He also does charity so that he gets a prosperous and a happy life that he is leading and to get a life in the next birth also.

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