Virgo in Ninth House | 9th House Virgo

by Hindu Astrology 7. March 2012 12:50

A ninth house Virgo suggests that the native’s views on major issues such as religion and philosophy are ruled by pragmatism. The native is highly interested in foreign travellers and affairs. He likes to keep himself updated on world affairs, especially what is going on in foreign countries. Such a person is inclined towards foreign culture. religion and trends. 

A person with a ninth house Virgo is practical and his ideas are orderly and well organized. He keeps his ideas stored in his mind like office files. On the negative side of his personality, his insistence that what he knows is absolutely correct can lead to an oppressive, closed-minded attitude on many aspects. This attitude is not necessary to give negative results since the native is intellectual in his approach and most of his  views are based on careful analytical study and research. There is a tendency to fight change and maintain his status in the society. The native is rather fixed in his own direction and tends to take up from the point where others have left off. The principles being followed have the force of law or religion for the native. 

The native with this placement usually adheres to family philosophies till the time he develops his own ideas. Such a person tends to question, criticize, analyze the general ideas and views of others and eventually develops his own.  On the other hand, a strong Virgo in the ninth house indicates individual’s contribution of significant ideas to the world of philosophical thought. The native’s  natural desire for overseas travel should be rewarded on numerous occasions depending upon financial status.

A person with a ninth house Virgo is fond of travelling and does not leave any opportunity to travel abroad. Whether for business or pleasure, a long journey to a foreign land would be ideal for broadening the horizons, and making contact with individuals that might have important ramifications for the native’s future. 

The native has a strong inclination towards intellectual pursuit. He in interested in subjects that consists of metaphysics or religious concepts. Such a person respects a wide range of view point and doesn't mind switching the views from another person. You prefer a wide range of view points, and find it easy to switch from one position to another. 


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