Virgo in Eighth House | 8th House Virgo

by Hindu Astrology 27. February 2012 14:10

An eighth house Virgo makes the native compulsive and over critical in nature. Such a person is more concerned and critical in handling financial affairs. The native is often more considerable when it comes to family expenditures and handling other’s money. He keeps himself adequately insured and protected as far as finances are concerned. Such a person can succeed in occupations that requires good observation and investigative skills such as - chemist, psychologist or detective. The native is good with observing and analyzing things to its root level.

A person with an eighth house Virgo tends to have a restrained or constrained sex life. The native with this placement is prone to suffer from diseases related to stomach and intestines, since they are extremely sensitive areas of the body in this position. This placement also suggests problems with intestines, spleen and nervous system.There is a tendency of Ulcers and this possibility is intensified with too much worries. Such a person should not worry much over small issues to avoid overload on intestines. There are increased probabilities of contracting disease or injury connected to the native’s work place.

As far as inheritance is concerned, the native with this placement is doubtfully fortunate. There is a slight chance of some gain through family members in certain ways other than monetary terms. The outcome of a will or inheritance may not leave behind as much as was originally indicated. An eighth house Virgo is favourable in terms of opportunities that the native is likely to get to earn money. The fate usually intervenes to bring benefits out of worn-out situations by the tide of circumstances. There is a tendency of spending much on travel and transportation costs or on unexpected litigation.

A person with an eighth house Virgo possesses a strong hold on life. Such a person dies a calm and a peaceful death. the cause of death cannot be easily determined until the last phase of his life. He is likely to benefit from the death of a partner or business associate. Such a person tends to be very critical and particular of maintaining his accounts and is well known among his partners to keep them in an appropriate fashion. 


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