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by Hindu Astrology 9. February 2012 14:10

 A sixth house Virgo makes the native excessively concerned for his body and health issues. This placement denotes that the native will be generally active and healthy most of the time. Such a person requires mental stimulation to live a healthy and happy life.

A sixth house Virgo provides a sound and suitable pattern for a work-hungry person. On the other hand, the duties of the native tend to be more in routine, subservient and limited. He is capable of performing critical tasks and is more content to waste his best efforts studying background details. Thus, giving others the opportunities to direct the course of action. Such a person often becomes too demanding. Therefore, he must avoid being too analytical in work matters. The native works best within a structured setting where goals and reasonable expectations are defined in a systematic manner.

A person with a sixth house Virgo possesses a fastidious nature. Such a person desires cleanliness to protect himself from bugs and germs that cause illness. He is well known for his desire of tidiness at work place also. The performance and productivity of the native is dependent on the cleanliness and hygiene at work place. He is extremely critical and analytical of the conditions surrounding the work atmosphere. Such a person enjoys working in an environment that emphasizes on mental rather than your physical talents. The native tends to enjoy personal challenges from time to time. A person with a sixth house Virgo makes a good partner in business with his concern for details. Such a person has a great capacity for detail and research in work. Sometimes, the native is not able to complete his work on time or at all due to his tendency of being a perfectionist.  

A person with a sixth house Virgo is highly prone to nervous and digestive system problems. There is a tendency of getting over stressed on small issues. The native may suffer from mental strain or headaches as a result of inadequate sleep. A sixth house Virgo may also give problems related to speech, e.g, stuttering. A native with this placement is health conscious in choosing food items for consumption. Such a person is inclined towards unhealthy food that can lead to intestinal problems as well. The native becomes irritable when be becomes ill, since it restricts his freedom of motion. A sixth house Virgo endows the native with a healthy appetite. Such a person never suffers from malnutrition and always remains healthy in his appearance. There is a tendency of being over weight during later phases of life. The native should maintain a habit of working out on a regular basis. 


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