Virgo in 5th House | 5th House Virgo

by Hindu Astrology 27. January 2012 14:10

A fifth house Virgo indicates a critical nature in romance and fear of commitment. Such a person is very affectionate and enjoys being in love, but finds it hard to be completely committed. He is often in need of emotional companionship. One special affectionate person with whom he can share all of his feelings. Someone with whom he is able to discuss the pros and cons of a variety of subjects. A person with a fifth house Virgo is vulnerable in his approach towards life. He is prone to respond to things randomly and automatically, without giving it much thought. This makes him a critical unpleasing personality in some occasions. Very often, this behaviour can lead to risks and speculations that may not be of any benefit.

A person with a fifth house Virgo tends to be very selective and discriminating while making choices in love affairs. Such a person is impatient with the ritual of courtship. He has a pre-conceived idea about courtship period that resists him from enjoying the time. Rather, he desires an orderly sequence of events to unravel in the due time. Relationship with offspring can be strained since he lacks the patience for properly disciplining and understanding the needs of his children. A fifth house Virgo indicates a small family. The native will be well-equipped to handle the natural problems related to family and home.

A person with a fifth house Virgo possesses a creative mind, but its necessary to spend much time on preparation and planning before starting any creative endeavours. Such a person maybe creative, but lacks the ability to execute his creative ideas in a desired way. Spontaneity has nothing do with a person having Virgo in the fifth house. He may not be too much inclined towards artistic things, but will possess a shrewd eye for form and designs. On financial front, a person with a fifth house Virgo prefers to invest rather than speculate. Investments in food, catering or health related fields can bring good benefits.

In terms of relationships, a fifth house Virgo indicates intellectual approach towards love affairs. Such a person carries most of his relationships on this mental plane. But if carried to an extreme point, the relationship thus becomes a liability for the native. There is an inclination towards analytical approach in relationships. Such a person tends to apply his own values as to how a relationship should develop. 


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