Venus in Eighth House | 8th house Venus

by Hindu Astrology 24. February 2012 14:10

An eighth house Venus makes a person comparatively quiet but intense in social environments. Such a person may also possess an element of mystery or secrecy in sexual encounters. Though it may not be deliberate of the native, but the native gives the appearance of being enigmatic or intriguing to others. The native with this placement has a potential for jealousy and possessiveness in sex and romance. Such a person is capable of giving unconditional love showing his great emotional depth. The native loves with all total devotion and expect the same from his partner. Casual and light relationships do not appeal him at all. He craves for an  intense, deep and emotional relationships. 

An eighth house Venus indicates financial gains after marriage. The native’s status and social life tends to increase through marriage. Marriage is done not for love, but for financial gain and material benefits. A person with an eighth house possesses a remarkable ability to understand the psychology of human motivation and relationships. If the Venus in this house is afflicted, then the native suffers from sexually transmitted disease, and neurotic social tendencies. 

A person with an eighth house Venus demands a high level of commitment in both personal and business relations. He seeks high level of trust and honesty from his partner in close relationships. It signifies merging with others emotionally, sexually and financially. Such a person is usually concerned with the fundamental issues of life, birth, death and sex. The native with this placement does not respond to physical attraction alone, but is wholeheartedly inclined to his emotional needs. Sometimes, the native can become abusive as a result of inequality of the situations.

 If Venus in the eighth house is well aspected, then the native tends to attract money through inheritances, legacies and business transactions. An afflicted Venus can result in highly sensuous nature or an overemphasis on sex. Marriage is motivated by the possibility of financial gain. The native possesses a great capability of regenerating finances. An eighth house Venus also indicates death of a parent at an early age, or the loss of a lover or spouse in some situations.


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