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by Hindu Astrology 19. November 2011 15:10

A tenth house Venus makes a person look good at whatever he does. This situation is good but can even work against you as most of the time you look to be a performer even when you can not deliver. A person with a tenth house Venus can work in areas related to beauty, art, charm and social graces. To be precise, these areas include artists, art dealers, art museum workers, beauticians, jewellery, clothing, public relations and social events. A tenth house venus helps a person taking up a job in any of these areas.

Moreover, a tenth house Venus shows a love of status and career. Such a person usually takes up a hobby to be his career. He always does something which he is interested in. Consequentially, they are usually quite able in their career, which usually involves working with other people in some capacity. They usually dislike working alone or not getting personal credit for what they do. A person with a tenth house Venus is always scaling upwards in his social circle. But, they may not do this on purpose. They tend to make a career in fields that they like and that are already hobbies of them. They are able, and usually willing to use personal charm to advance their career.

A tenth house Venus is usually considered to be one of the best indicators of success. Such people want to contribute to the world and are passionate about their work. They find their work to be exciting and interesting.  The individual's people skills and ability to socialize with people of influence can help benefit them. A tenth house Venus will enable the individual to establish an immediate rapport with others. Such a person also has a good reputation of being supportive and co-operative to his colleagues.

A tenth house is believed to be related with honor, profession and success in life. Public relationships are significant in their lives, and the tenth house determines their motivation and push for a successful career. The person knows how to turn on the charm in public situations and is talented at making and maintaining contacts. A tenth house Venus may help a person to spread love and harmony. But, it could also generate feelings of jealousy and rivalry. A tenth house Venus also makes sure that a person is attracted to the opposite gender who is older and established.

A tenth house Venus often describes a loving relationship with the mother and she may be viewed as the beloved and attractive one. In some cases a daughter may have felt that she was in competition and rivalry with her mother. This position can also favour benefits from parents. Such people find pleasure in their career and always value their social image. A tenth house Venus also represents love and respect. The choice of career for such people could also depend on someone from the opposite gender.


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