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by Hindu Astrology 30. December 2011 14:10

A person with a third house Venus is usually verbally expressive. Such a person is also diplomatic and knows how to be tactful. You easily win others over with your words, whether it's because of a like able facility with language, a beautiful voice, or a diplomatic use of words. A person with a third house Venus readily gives out compliments. Such a person knows how to use flattery to his benefit while being in-genuine. You are generally a very good mediator, aiming to settle arguments quickly and restoring at least temporary peace. You have a mischievous side, however, and your desire to be tactful and polite with others doesn't always succeed. Some of the people with a third house Venus might indulge in a lot of mind games. Such a person appreciates mental stimulation and frequent changes in love relationships.

The presence of a third house Venus indicates an intellectual interest in artistic and cultural activities. Such a person has a natural love for literature and poetry. A person with a third house Venus has an ability to communicate harmoniously, whether through his speech or writing. You will have many short-distance traveling for pleasure and social obligation.  You usually communicate easily with your spouse, siblings, and close friends. Your social and romantic contacts are through neighbors or people met through neighborhood activities, intellectual pursuits, or newspapers and periodicals.

Those with a third house Venus have a desire for learning and communicating. They usually have a passion for books, writing, magazines, newspapers, languages and the media arts. The 3rd house rules all kinds of communication, links and connections. It rules siblings, neighbours as well as our neighbourhood. A person with a third house Venus enjoys sharing ideas and likes pleasant communication. They have the ability to create harmonious social situations. This will be someone who is charming with words and finds talking and sharing ideas a delight and they know how to flatter and seduce with beautiful words. A person with a third house Venus has a lovely verbal expression, and spreads a cheerful environment. They maintain positive contacts and good relationships with siblings, but sometimes there can be sibling rivalry with this placement. Others find benefits through their sister and/or brother relationships.

A person with a third house Venus will need a partner who is interested in everyday affairs and is well-informed on many subjects. They relish in discussing topics on mutual interests with a loved one. The person with a third house Venus may also enjoy talking about every aspect of the relationship. The immediate environment must reflect beauty and harmony and they give off a loving receptivity to others. This position can be an excellent one for a public speaker or writer.


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