Uranus in 4th House | 4th House Uranus

by Hindu Astrology 13. January 2012 14:10

A fourth house Uranus indicates erratic behaviour of the native. It impacts home life and emotional ties. Such a person gets tensed suddenly on small issues. He is prone to bring sudden changes at home and family life. Changes could be retiring from work, changing careers or moving house. Such a person should try not to go overboard with the changes that he might have to regret later, but be open to changing things around a little. He seeks freedom in the home environment and works according to his own will. Such a person cannot live his life the way others want him to. A fourth house Uranus indicates usual living conditions. The native’s urge of sudden changes is the result of upheavals or is an effect of relationship with the father. Such a person may be disowned by his father. This leads to an unconventional attitude. If a person’s family is wealthy, then they are likely to disinherit the child. On the other hand,  such a person may have been involved in some activity that brought him into contact with diverse cultures and belief systems.

A person with a fourth house Uranus likes to live his life with freedom and re-establish his rights on his own terms. Such a person lives away from any kind of chaos in the family and home. Home reflects the uniqueness of his thoughts and preferences. A fourth house Uranus represents the element of freedom and free expression. A fourth house Uranus makes a person genius and courageous. A struggled childhood is indicated with this placement due to some family circumstances and norms that didn’t fit well.  

A fourth house Uranus alters the nurturing style of a person significantly. Such a person believes in expressing his desires in an unusual way. The concept of nurturing doesn't come to him naturally. As a nurturer, such a person is very loving and caring at the same point of time. But sometimes he prefers to be alone and on his own. A person with a fourth house Uranus undergoes erratic behaviours but is good with inner intentions. Many unexpected changes of residence and unusual experiences within the home environment are likely to take place. The older the person gets, the stranger his opinion gets. These are likely  to shock everyone. Such a person does not care much about others. He gets more and more free with his expressions of thoughts as he grows up. 


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