Uranus in 2nd House | 2nd House Uranus

by Hindu Astrology 22. December 2011 14:10

Uranus in the second house brings financial fortune and unexpected gains to the native.  It governs finances and naturally indicates a restless and unsettled state of the finances of the person.

They earn a lot through lotteries and gambling. These people are usually self employed  or get paid on the commission basis. Their finances are uncertain. sometimes the flow of money is too much to handle and sometimes there is nothing at all for a while. They just cannot remain stable in a decent 9 to 5 job, and some or the other thing will constantly interrupt it like quitting or getting fired from the job. The events can also be extreme showing that the native with Uranus in the second job is just not allowed to indulge into any kind of job like the company burns down, or the chief financial officer runs away with all the money etc. The solution to this problem is that the native should work in some high tech or electronic field, which is rules by Uranus.

Generally natives with Uranus in the second house tends to take the first job they get that offers excitement, adventure and opportunity. They have unexcpected financial conditions bringing in periods of sudden gain and losses depending upon the planetary aspects of Uranus formed with other planets. Losses can occur as a result of breach of contract, such as partnerships or marriages.

Uranus in the second house makes the native capable of adapting in new situations. They know well how to get by in difficult times. This position of Uranus is unfavorable as it controls the earning powers of the native, making it erratic. The presence of Uranus in the birth chart represents the conditions over which the native has little control or no control.

Terms like staid and solid investment are out of their disctionary. Most of the unlooked-for-conditions are likely to turn up and either net him an altogether unlooked-for increase or else bring about an equally unaccountable loss. Therefore it is absolutely useless to give any kind of  financial advice to such people, for even if they invested in a proposition as solid, it is doubtful if an natural calamity would not unsettle it.


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