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by Hindu Astrology 15. December 2011 14:10

Uranus in the first house embodies the native with the qualities of Uranus, due to which they charge aura, which can either be stimulating or shocking  depending on their overall personality. They have the ability to inspire or move the masses and on the other hand, can also behave awkward, clumsy and disruptive if the Uranus is afflicted. Uranus in the first house makes a person eccentric in his habits which delights him to perform those acts which are strictly against their culture or customs, with a view to appear unique amongst everyone. No doubt, these people are genius and posses a sharp awareness. They also have an unusual physical appearance which attracts everyone around.

Freedom and rights can become a distorting issue for them, resulting in being stubbornly rebellious, or someone who actually makes radical changes to the world around his closed ones. As a matter of fact, they should change their own attitude or get prepared to go through the process of drastic transformation. This combination makes he native inventive and innovative at the same point of time.

People with Uranus in the first house can be astoundingly intuitive at times which may well find a fruitful expression in psychology, astrology, science and technology, etc. They easily find an original way of doing things, that separates them from rest of the people around and makes them self satisfied. They hate being opposed and always have the ideas to the validate their points. But if the Uranus is well aspected, then there is a level of tolerance in the native for the opinion of others and a spirit of give and take which avoids the hard feelings so generated.

Uranus in the first house also makes the person very restless, bringing in sudden changes in life depending on the placements of the signs and the planets in the horoscope. They either can be good or ill. They are prone to taking risks and are highly adventurous people.

In general, people with Uranus in the first house have a life that is full of surprises making them restless. They tend to be unconventional, and spontaneous in appearance and mannerisms having their own standards of right and wrong. They are very much dedicated in having a progressive life and are always blazing trails and seeking new ways to express old ideas by being at the front of social activist causes, and expounding on futuristic ideas. If Uranus is malefic then the native can be extremely self-willed, rebellious and unreasonable, and sometimes they are disruptive and tend to have a life full of unexpected events.


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