Uranus in 12th House | 12th House Uranus

by Hindu Astrology 7. December 2011 17:10

A twelfth house Uranus can give many dynamic results. Such a place always has something to do with finding surprising ways out of situations that are limiting and restricting. Such a person can see all situations of confinement in new and unique ways, and it is upon the basis of these insights that it generates its original exit strategies. Some people may find a person with a twelfth house Uranus to be upsetting and as a bad influence. Of course this undermining may be exactly what is needed, even though it scares people who cling to old and stagnant structures.

A person with a twelfth house Uranus tends to be very intuitive, secretive and with very high humanitarian ideals. Such a person may also have feelings of loneliness. A person with a twelfth house Uranus is usually nervous while doing everything. Such a person usually has a keen interest in metaphysical activities. Such a person may have unique psychic experiences which he keeps to himself for fear of being ridiculed. A person with a twelfth house Uranus has a desire to ask questions about the meaning of life and imperfections around him. Such a person always has the feeling that someone might be sneaking upon him in case he is not too careful. Such a person must also develop self control.

A person with a twelfth house Uranus is likely to seek individual freedom of expression through secret study, romantic affairs or a study of unusual subjects. Such a person’s subconscious forces him to attempt a kind of spiritual rebirth that brings you into contact with universal forces through mysterious attractions, occult investigations, psychic and mystical experiences. A person with a twelfth house Uranus must always be ready for sudden change and sudden happenings. There can also be a constructive crisis in such a person’s life which can be related to the above issues.

A person with a twelfth house Uranus has a great need to feel free and unshackled, yet often feel restricted or confined in some vague or elusive manner. Such a person may have a very strong intuition but does not listen to himself too much. Such a person can be his own biggest enemy. He tends to disregard common sense and his natural limitations when he feels that his will is being challenged. This is a good position for researchers or those who need to be isolated or to work behind the scenes. This is an excellent placement for metaphysical or occult studies if you have self control.

A twelfth house Uranus implies period of unexpected and sudden conditions of enmity. It even intensifies the liability towards accidents. It also indicates that such a person may be held responsible, unfairly, for accidents involving injury to others. A person with a twelfth house Uranus forms secret attachments. These can often be related to secret marriages. This is a favorable position for those who are inclined to act from occult or psychic motives, in which case it favors the mysterious and romantic.


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