Taurus in 7th House | 7th House Taurus

by Hindu Astrology 18. February 2012 14:10

A seventh house Taurus makes the native a loyal, but jealous life partner. Such a person is conservative and discriminating in choosing a partner for himself with whom he can spend the rest of his life. A seventh house Taurus indicates a non separable relationship which might get stormy sometimes. Both the partners are likely to be stubborn causing frictions in the married life. The native seeks a marriage partner who is easygoing, stable, steady and stubborn. Marriage is for love, but a few material luxuries help make the union a success and may bring material benefits.

A seventh house Taurus enhances the native's desire for affection and long term relationship. On the other hand, this placement also provides the native with an inherent discriminatory nature. Hence, he tends to enter into a relationship only after careful analysis and consideration of the outcome of that relationship. This is the reason that the native ends up marrying a sensible life partner and finds much happiness and success in marriage. Such a person is naturally faithful and will do almost anything to maintain domestic tranquility. Partnership in business will be successful and long-term. Often, marriage and other partnerships bring material benefits. Although, financial problems could bring problems in the marriage life. The native employs his natural powers of discretion in decision making process and always makes a wise choice.

The native with this placement agrees to get dominated by his partners. The native possesses a great ability of getting along with others and creating affectionate reactions. This is a happy and fortunate pattern for all kinds of social relationships. A seventh house Taurus indicates that the native will get easily influenced and controlled by others. It also indicated that favorable associations in regard to general partnerships with others of like mind and temperament may bring mutual benefit. Such a person tends to make an ideal business partner.

A person with a seventh house Taurus tends to take relationships very seriously and prefers to be in long term relationships than short ones. Although, he has a strong desire for marriage, it is not something that he takes very lightly. Love and affection are important factors in his relationships. A seventh house Taurus indicates an enduring marriage and any breakup would be of a very serious nature. 


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