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by Hindu Astrology 25. November 2011 10:49

A person with a tenth house Taurus is inclined towards his artistic abilities. Such a person is leaned towards his artistic abilities in whichever career he chooses. Art, theater and music play an important role in a person’s life with a tenth house Taurus. These qualities can be clearly noted in such a person’s social life and public image. A person with a tenth house Taurus should capitalize on his personality.  He should find some way to sell his attractiveness, happiness and the comforts that help in this direction. Such a person is eventually recognized as a beauty or a beautifier.

A person with a tenth house Taurus is usually driven towards money. This drive originates from his ambition to live up to his standards when it comes to social status. Such a person also has a strong drive for personal prominence. A person with a tenth house Taurus knows how to present himself in front of the public. Hence, such a person might not be able to do something in the best possible manner. But, his work will still be recognized because of it’s presentation. Such people are possessive when it comes to authority. A person with a tenth house Taurus resents control. He does not want to be over-powered by anyone.

A tenth house Taurus does not allow a person to delegate any sort of authority. This is because such a person wants to prove that he can do everything by himself. As mentioned earlier, Venus, as ruler of Taurus, often inspires artistic leanings in the chosen career. Art, music and theater are good options. Such a person is  interested in matters that bring pleasure to the public or anything that brings beauty to people. Beauty does not necessarily mean the physical appearance of a person. Such a person can even work to enhance someone's inner beauty.

A person with a tenth house Taurus prefers to choose a secure and a safe career. Such a person also looks forward to a career which has high prospects of making wealth. Such a person is skilled with earth moving, building, shaping kinds of life work -- sculpture, landscaping, gardening, architecture, real estate, antiques and farming. All these careers are the best choices for a person with tenth house. Taurus are secure and have high prospects of wealth once they excel.

Being ruled by Venus, a person with tenth house Taurus likes to create beauty. Such a person shines  in visual arts, decorating, home renovation, performance arts, music and crafts. He is also able to see various business opportunities. Such a person makes the most out of them. Hence, a person with a tenth house Taurus can also be a good investor or a financial player. 


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