Sun in 4th House | 4th House Sun

by Hindu Astrology 7. January 2012 14:10

The fourth house Sun gives a need to rule the roost. People with this placement desire to build a strong inner and outer foundation. Influence of parents plays an important role in developing their personality for good or otherwise. The individual is heavily influenced by his father’s wants and creative expression. It denotes an emotional undercurrents and hidden factors that shape our conscious personality. They have a tendency to build a house that can show their creativity and pride. They desire to build a castle for themselves. A person with fourth house Sun focuses on the development of their early roots, which includes immediate family, heritage and ancestral background. Their family background affects the confidence and identity. A person with fourth house Sun may be introvert, mysterious, private and subjective. They feel secure with the family and are well attached to each member of the society.

Generally, fourth house Sun brings troubles in the first half of life arising out of family, health, uncongenial parents, death, separation, poor health, afflicted career. However, the situation tends to improve in the middle and later part of life after the age of 22 years. Luck and prosperity should steadily improve during the middle and declining years. Life will take a turn for better bringing in material gain, improvement and success in every aspect of life. He will leave a legacy of great riches for his off springs after death. The need to establish strong foundations and emotional stability are powerful motivators for them.

Often the individuals with fourth house Sun find fulfillment through creating a home that gives them a sense of security and safety. The depths of their early childhood feelings sometimes need to be explored and can be seen maintaining early relationships. The individual may work from home and earn his living in a comforting environment. The person with fourth house Sun will also be focused on spiritual and inner development. If the Sun in the fourth house is benefic,  then the native will be wise, kind and a good administrator. He will have a constant source of income. On the other hand, if the placement is malefic, then the native becomes greedy, inclined to commit theft and likes to harm others. This tendency ultimately produces very bad results.


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