Sun in 3rd House | 3rd House Sun

by Hindu Astrology 28. December 2011 17:55

A person with a third house Sun tends to appreciate learning environments. Such a person has a strong drive to learn and finds fulfilment through mental interest and accumulation of knowledge.

A sense of purpose and destiny involves writing, communication or social interchange, and the central theme of development will be in the cultivation of the intellect. A person with a third house Sun is usually an excellent teacher, publisher, advertiser and does good with any sort of job that is related to illuminating information. The third house describes what we think about and rules all forms of communication, travel, speech, thought, letters, e-mail and phone. Traditionally, the third house rules our early education and environment, short journeys, siblings and neighbours. A person with a third house Sun finds these things to be important and discovers joy be developing his language skills, proficiency in interpretation and sharing knowledge.

A person with a third house Sun feels the need to be noticed in his environment. Consequently, rivalry with siblings and competitiveness among peers could be issues worth investigating. Some may project their own need for power and authority onto a brother or sister. Or knowledge itself is worshipped like the Sun. Difficult aspects to the Sun could indicate problems with early schooling. A person with a third house Sun always feels as if he need to experience and learn more. With a third house Sun, your personality drive is directed mainly into intellectual pursuits and educational progress. Travel and communication of all kinds will appeal to you. This position requires that you to expend much energy in understanding and adapting to your immediate environment. Friends, neighbors, co-workers, brothers and sisters will play an important role in your life.

A person with a third house Sun enjoys passing the knowledge that he has gained. Such a person is always open to new ideas. But, a person with a third house Sun always seeks scientific proof before believing anything. Your mind enjoys creating and it is thorough and self-reliant. Pride and intellectual domination may be something you need to work on, especially

intellectual pride. Patience may also need developing. Misunderstandings can occur with siblings or neighbors due to your belief that you are always or mostly right. You have a strong desire

to learn and this may take you on many short journeys. You need to communicate and there may be writing or speaking ability.

A third house Sun signifies successful travels for business and pleasures, resourceful mind, creative and ambitious. Gain from relations and neighbours, magnanimous and helpful to others. Bounded by family ties. One suffers at the hands of brothers. Always wins over enemies, recognised by the state. To sum up, one is famous, kind, healthy, wealthy and wise. One is modest and is like a king in life.


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