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by Hindu Astrology 18. November 2011 17:55

The tenth house can be directly related to one’s career and social image. It can also be related to our role models and authoritative people in the society. Planets in the tenth house show by the houses they rule which areas in our life depend on our reputation or professional role for the fulfillment of their needs. A tenth house Sun makes a person ambitious and hungry for fame and fortune. He wants to get noticed in the world. Such people also work for the benefit of the public in some way or the other.

A tenth house Sun also makes sure that a person is authoritative and dictatorial. But, you should always work towards the fulfillment of your goals and not just your self interest. People with a tenth house Sun are career oriented and give immense importance to their reputation and honor. Such people excel at managing and supervising others because of their insight. Such people usually work in political, government offices and high-authority posts in companies.

A person with a tenth house Sun is always running after success. He wants to be noticed in the world and keeps looking to get recognized. Such people want to become socially influential, and advance towards public recognition. The career, reputation, and public image are very important to them, and there is considerable ambition, and this works as a powerful push to drive them into making the maximum use of their talents to achieve success.

People with a tenth house Sun are usually renowned in their field of career as they give a high priority to recognition and success. They may make sacrifices in their personal and married life to earn money, fame and fortune. Their determination to make a name for themselves leads to increasing responsibilities and a growing reputation, so that once they have found their proper position, they seldom remain obscure. People with a tenth house Sun can be excellent achievers, but only if they control themselves.

A person with a tenth house Sun may find it very difficult to work under someone as an employee. Such people are always looking forward to becoming bosses, managers or supervisors. The challenge for a person with a tenth house Sun is to find their place in the world and make a significant contribution, and need to feel they are serving the collective through expressing their own individual gifts. The individual has a strong determination to succeed and they strongly identify with the career,and they have the feeling that there is something important and meaningful that they can contribute to improve at least a little corner of the world.

The tenth house can be related to ambitions, goals, success etc. But a tenth house Sun means that the person is looking for his own goal in life and that is to make mark in this world. Such people do not find a meaning or purpose to life until they achieve their goal. The only way to find their unique destiny is by following their hearts and finding a suitable outlet for their ambition, drive and motivation for public success.

Hence, it can be concluded that a person with a tenth house Sun can be extremely successful. Such a person can receive a lot of fame, fortune and wealth. But, he needs to control himself towards achieving his goal so that he does not spend his life searching for something which is out of his reach. 



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