Scorpio in 6th House | 6th House Scorpio

by Hindu Astrology 10. February 2012 10:30

A sixth house Scorpio indicates intense commitment towards work. The native tends to get intensely involved with his job. He is serious and fully devoted towards his work. A person with a sixth house Scorpio is known as a compulsive worker. There is a tendency of finding facts about every minute detail that helps the native in his professional dealings. Such a person tends to involve himself in the work that requires investigation such as journalism, research, laboratory science or psychology. The work of the native should be interesting and must be able to keep him active till the end. A person with a sixth house Scorpio lacks patience which makes it hard for him to handle coworkers, especially when they are not ready to share their load of work with the native.

A sixth house Scorpio strengthens the physical power of the native and provides him with the natural power of physical endurance. The natural strength and endurance keeps the native healthy and in good shape. Health problems are likely to cause depletion of mental energies. The nervous system being the most sensitive is always under the risk of getting severely affected. A sixth house Scorpio indicates that good health can be maintained, provided that the native follows normal habits of life and avoids excess food, drink and sex. The native with this placement is highly prone to suffer from sexual reproductive gland diseases, urinary tract disorders and rectal problems. There is a tendency of having food or drink in excess that can cause bladder problems. It is better to lean towards the conservative side of self-satisfaction when the temptation arises.  

The productivity of the native’s work with a sixth house Scorpio highly depends upon the sanitary conditions and cleanliness at work place. Uncleanliness is intolerable to the native and will lower the level of his work. Such a person can be highly dedicated towards his work and strive to perform the best job possible. Long and hard hours best suit the native as a self-employed person. He expects his employees to perform in the same way as he does. As an employer or supervisor he tends to admire those who go the extra mile to accomplish their goals. 


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