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by Hindu Astrology 10. January 2012 14:10

A fourth house Scorpio makes a person turbulent, eventful and active. This placement produces strong feelings about the home and family life. Such a person is over emotional and feels upset in early years of his life resulting in disturbance and disharmony in the family life. The reasons for the temperament can be caused by the failed attitude of parents to nurture their children. A person with a fourth house Scorpio indicates frequent change of residence. These changes will be abrupt, sudden and unexpected. Such a person shares a strong bond with his parents despite of having a tough early life. The latter phase of life usually proves to be eventful and may bring extensive travelling opportunities.

A person with a fourth house Scorpio keeps his feelings secretive and locked in the matters of family and home life. There is a tendency of strong loyalty and protectiveness shown towards family members. In return, such a person expects complete respect and loyalty from the other side as well. He seeks sense of royalty, splendor, and space in the home environment. Even if such a person is not born into a desired environment, fourth house Scorpio ensures that he will be living a grand lifestyle in later years of his life.

A person with a fourth house Scorpio is always afraid of being too loving and caring to others. He fears losing them. If such a person cares for someone, then the person is likely to relocate, or leave under some form of misunderstanding. A person with a fourth house Scorpio receives home through an inheritance or through legacy. There are chances of living early years in an old, creaky, weathered house that seemed little haunted. After marriage, the home could become a place for emotional settlement. Such a person might feel comfortable sharing his emotional needs in a protective and bounded environment of his home. Jealousy and possessiveness could become the factors affecting harmony at home and may strain the relationship.

A person with a fourth house Scorpio may rebel sometimes concerning his family background. He might feel that his background is not appropriate according to his personality or does not represent him well. Such a person believes in confronting his inner feelings face to face or takes over it. Home is the center of love and affection. He expects his spouse to be a support for him throughout his life. A fourth house Scorpio indicates an eventful and exciting closing years of his life. 


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