Scorpio in 3rd House | 3rd House Scorpio

by Hindu Astrology 4. January 2012 14:10

A third house Scorpio denotes distortion in communications and perceptions. This placement puts much force into communication and the use of words. Native’s parents teach them to use sarcasm to avoid direct expression of your feelings. These people always fear to get punished for saying the wrong things. They find difficulty in trusting their own words that resist them from communicating at their highest level of potential. People with third house Scorpio usually use their power of speech to emotionally connect with others. Their perceptions can be profound. They can be seen as investigators who are interested in understanding, rather than looking for evidences in the crimes. They are dominant and have the ability to repress power.

Third house Scorpio implies that the native will be involved in a considerable amount of short distance travel as a result of circumstance rather than personal choice. Computability factor is extremely important for people with this placement, especially when travelling away from home. The native has excellent powers of retentive memory.

People with third house Scorpio are able to see the hidden meaning in communication and thus can be good analysts. Such people observe things to the deepest. They are not born with this ability. They have learned the skill of observation in their childhood where they were not encouraged to talk. So they watched and learned more in comparison to other children of their age. They do not encourage decorative words, space filling or ear candy. They want to be heard, whereas listening is a task for them. The depth of the connection is more important than facts. But, it is useful to remember that sometimes the simple truth is truly simple.

Third house Scorpio influences fixed ideas and attitudes toward matters of the mind. They are fond of learning and exploring new things. There is an ability to transform a spoken word into reality. They are intense, persistent in approach and the information they get is well retained. They have a discerning mind that develops fixed opinions. Such people cannot face criticisms and can either be sharply critical of those who differ with them. This critical nature can result in friction between family members, as well as friends and acquaintances. People with third house Scorpio make good psychologists, philosophers, educationalists etc. Studies concerning the occult and kindred matters appeal them a lot. Consequently, such people become deeply involved in the astrological world.


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