Saturn in Ninth House | 9th House Saturn

by Hindu Astrology 1. March 2012 10:23

A ninth house Saturn is considered to be one of the best positions of Saturn. The presence of a ninth house Saturn stabilizes a person and makes his religious and philosophical ideas practical. Such a person needs to persevere in pursuing the education and knowledge that he personally needed for long haul. Teaching, publishing and science can be good career options for a person with a ninth house Saturn. Religious, truth and philosophy are essential to such a person’s life. A person with a ninth house Saturn is painstaking and deliberate in sorting through what it lasting and solid for him. Long journeys can be a great source of education for such a person.

The presence of a ninth house Saturn indicates a great understanding of philosophy and great intellect but with some stubbornness. People with a ninth house Saturn would attain great heights in the path of education and learning and would possess strong philosophical hold in their persona for which they are much mature but more of with practical understanding and are truly spiritual in their approach. They are stable personalities with some firmly placed believes and norms in their lives for which they are not at all flexible and this is why they are perceived to be quiet orthodox at times.

The religious and philosophical beliefs of a person with a ninth house Saturn are probably quite orthodox and traditional. You take these beliefs very seriously. Your concentration upon deep subjects is probably quite good. People with a ninth house Saturn may be intolerant and critical of others and their beliefs. You may question absolutes, God and religion in general. There may be difficulties connected with foreign travel or foreign cultures. Frustrations and delays can occur during long journeys. Take care not to deplete your energy to the point of exhaustion through over-concentration.

People with a ninth house Saturn won’t accept and adapt to the changing environment around them and won’t let the world change them. They possess great powers to stick to their own stand and making them move a bit would require a lot efforts. They could be quiet aggressive and harsh in their attitude at certain places. These natives having a ninth house Saturn could attain great heights of success upon land if they would learn some flexibility in life otherwise their immense firmness would be a reason behind their obstacles.

Though, these natives would have a good life but as Saturn always brings difficult to further keep it good, the natives should pursue some remedies to reduce the adverse impacts of Saturn. They should offer rice or almonds in the running water besides which being associated with the profession comprising things of Jupiter and Moon would bestow success to the person.


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