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The fifth house belongs to Sun which is inimical to Saturn. Hence, with a fifth house Saturn, a person will usually be proud. It is advised for such a person to not construct a house till the age of 48 years. If he does, he might even lose a son. A person with a fifth house Saturn should try and live in a house built, bought or constructed by his son. Such a person should keep articles of Jupiter and Mars in his ancestral house for the welfare of his children. Strangely, a person with a fifth house Saturn is usually dishonest if he has hairy body.

A fifth house Saturn is associated with the romantic nature, creativeness and offspring. This placement denotes that you are person who finds it hard to just relax and enjoy yourself. Romances are serious business for you, but they can produce more pain than pleasure. Your romantic partners are likely to be older than you. Obligation is attached to your romances with the presence of a fifth house Saturn. The rearing of offspring may be difficult for you in various ways. Financial speculations will be entered with caution to avoid losses. Personal self-expression reflects a serious tone, and you find your best outlets in business management and politics. If you have creative talents, this placement will make it very difficult for you to express them or will delay the time when you become recognized for your talents.

The influences of a fifth house Saturn compare in importance to those on the first house. The fifth house is all about spontaneity. Saturn seriously impedes spontaneity. You might be recognized as  a bad date. Try to not let that happen to you. Individuals with a fifth house Saturn might find it difficult to play or do fun things. All work and no play might stress you out to the point of neurosis. Recognize that you don't always need a cause to relax and enjoy life. Better still use this influence to your advantage. Get into an activity like raising money for a charity. That way you have a cause and the fund-raising events can be turned into fun occasions. While dating let your date lead you a little. If your date happens to have a fifth house Saturn then you have nothing to worry about. The two of you may hit it off discussing the ramifications of the ozone layer depletion on your first date.

Remedies for a fifth house Saturn are as follows :

  • Distribute salty things on your son’s birthday.
  • Offer almonds in a temples. Bring half of them home and keep them with you.


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