Sagittarius in 2nd House | 2nd House Sagittarius

by Hindu Astrology 26. December 2011 12:21

A second house Sagittarius makes a person reserve, generous and shareable. They have a philosophical attitude towards money and their interest in financial matters extends only to taking care of the needs. Accumulation of money is not a matter of concern for the people with this combination. They are very effective in doing whatever they desire in a material sense. Personality of people with a second house Sagittarius attracts finances very easily. As a result, they can be extravagant in their expenditures. Generally, people with a second house Sagittarius  are lucky in terms of financial matters and know how to multiply the money.

People with a second house Sagittarius are the risk takers and goal oriented on their approach towards life. They assure that plenty of money is available to satisfy their basic needs and desires. The income is likely to be the result of long-term planning. Often long-distance travel is associated with producing revenue and earning a living.

A second house Sagittarius signifies that money matters will be reasonably progressive and that the native will experience a sequence of periods of luck and good fortune. The income of the native will be derived from a variety of sources. For instance, combining his main vocational interests with the secondary interest will result in augmentation of income. The native may sustain losses from being overly generous with people and causes for the common good.

This is a fortunate placement that indicates abundance of resources and the talent for creating materially successful circumstances. The natives with this combination are eventually paid for their efforts. These people are generous and willing to share their everything with needy people. They have a tendency to spend as much as they have. They value their ability to see the big picture in every aspect of life. They are always prepared to expand their activities through money, and there are usually adequate financial resources to further their ends. They may provide financial support for religious and educational institutions. 


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