Rahu in 7th House | 7th House Rahu

by Hindu Astrology 15. February 2012 10:30

Rahu is generally perceived to be inauspicious or adverse. With the placement of a seventh house Rahu, there will be negative impacts upon the aspects of this house or there will be some hurdles in the path of the native even if other planetary placements would reduce the negativity of Rahu’s presence. A person with a seventh house Rahu would be dominating upon many around but they would possess very few strong bonds besides which there will be many people standing around them but most of them won’t be trust worthy besides which these natives also won’t be completely loyal in relationships. They would confront much obstacles in developing relationships and could have many some enemies around but they would emerge safe even though.

People with a seventh house Rahu would face some difficulties in getting married and would also have some hurdles in the conjugal path besides this, it would not be good for these natives to get married before 21yrs of age. The natives would possess positive relations with the government and strong bonds with people of authority which will be beneficial for you while those weaker than you would keep a relation for their own self interests. People with a seventh house Rahu would confront much losses if they would get involved in the pursuits associated with Rahu like electrical equipment. Besides this, if the Mercury, Venus or Ketu get placed upon the 11th house then the native would suffer from head aches and his/her sister, wife or son would also receive worst effects as taking them towards a very poor situation.

With the presence of a seventh house Rahu, a person is usually benefited by the Government. Such a person is never in a position to ask anyone for any sort of help. Such a person is speculative when it comes to business projects. This can be quite dangerous for him. The native will be of independent nature and will incur loss of wealth on account of his association with women. He will be a widower and will suffer from loss of virility. With a seventh house Rahu, a person may even lose his wife.

Following are the remedies for a seventh house Rahu :

  • Do not wear blue colour clothes.
  • Offer six coconuts in a river.
  • Do not marry before 21 years of age.


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