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by Hindu Astrology 17. February 2012 16:30

A seventh house Pluto indicates strange things in marriage. Some of these things may never even come to light. It can denote compulsive involvements which make no sense to the casual observer, but which arise out of the need to settle a score left over from the past. There may be an awesome clash of wills, or even violence, before the problems arising through partnerships are solved. With the presence of a seventh house Pluto, one should endeavor to fathom the deeper motives which propel them into relationships which do not serve their best interests. Since this house emphasizes the polarity of the Ascendant, a great deal of its effect depends on the Pluto sign, the influence of which should be reread with considerable care. It is possible that the subject with this placing needs to be the dominant partner in an emotional relationship. In extreme cases, it is possible that they will, probably unconsciously, seek a weaker personality as a partner for that very reason.

With a seventh house Pluto, a person will be excellent at dealing with the monetary side of the company. In fact, this placing works well for such business relationships, but complicates life for emotional partnerships. As a result, while there will be some marvelous moments, there is an equal likelihood of some pretty severe storms from time to time. On the whole, if the birth chart shows compassion, real sympathy and a good understanding of others, then the emotional forces within the individual with this placing will be enough for both them and their partner, and things should work out well. Nevertheless, the highs and lows of relationships can make for an uneasy path in this sphere of life.

With the presence of a seventh house Pluto, power struggles in close personal relationships are themes. This can play out in a variety of ways. You might simultaneously fear and desire complete absorption in a close one-to-one relationship. You might find yourself both drawn to and resistant of close partnerships, fearing loss of control over your own life. You might be drawn to people who are intense, jealous, possessive, or obsessive, or possibly who you feel are powerful. On the other hand, your own resistance can bring out control issues in a partner, who fears the loss of you or your betrayal.

You also discover your own power through your relationships, and this may or may not be comfortable. How you deal with it determines outcomes. You might feel trapped in a difficult relationship, or have a hard time finding the deep connection that you crave. Obsession in your interactions with partners can be a big theme in your life. Watch that you don't project your own urge for control onto your partner. Strive to come to terms with your own intense and deep-seated fear of losing someone you love and fear of betrayal, or you will meet these energies repeatedly in your closest relationships.


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