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by Hindu Astrology 7. February 2012 14:10

With the presence of a sixth house Pluto, you are usually a hard worker and can be quite protective or private when it comes to your work output. With a sixth house Pluto, you are excellent at analysis, but you can also easily become obsessed with finding an answer to problems, perhaps even finding problems that others overlook. You usually like it when presented with a problem that requires research and analysis. Work can become an obsession for you, and you are able to work almost tirelessly.

With a sixth house Pluto, you might be private or insular when it comes to your work, and you might also feel overly attached to what you do even to the point of paranoia. Fear of criticism might run high when it comes to your work output. Directing your own work or working for yourself may be the best route for you to take, as you can easily resent others controlling your schedule and the work that you do. You are likely very interested in areas of health and self-improvement, as well as explorations of the mind-body connection, and you instinctively seek alternative therapies for healing. Some of you are excellent researchers in these areas.

A sixth house Pluto allows you to make major improvements in your work environment, but usually with methods that could be considered revolutionary or excessively strong-willed. When this planet becomes active in your chart, you can be an overbearing person toward coworkers or your employees, and this planet often produces major upsets in this environment. You may be an extremist when it comes to health and fitness issues.

With the presence of a sixth house Pluto, you're learning to purge egocentric patterns of self-grandeur through work and service, sacrificing your personal needs to larger social ones. Lessons in the work place involving humility and self-purification are helping you pierce the balloon of your own self-inflated importance. Through intense self-examination you are learning to identify with larger and larger wholes. Be careful of depriving yourself of life, never feeling ready or good enough, due to unconscious guilt at falling short of your standard of perfection.

With the presence of a sixth house Pluto, your call to transformation and your sense of power and destiny is encountered via your work and health. This means that any changes that are necessary in the way you live will show themselves in the state of your body or in your work situation. Putting work and health together, healing and psychology could well be the nature of your actual career. With a sixth house Pluto, you yourself are involved in health care and possibly, using one of these complimentary methods. Work too, can be a sensitive issue. If your job does not agree with you, it's because you do not or cannot perform it with a sense of service or devotion.


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