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by Hindu Astrology 20. January 2012 11:06

A fifth house Pluto makes a person impulsively creative and romantic in nature. Pluto in this placement has a peculiar influence over the native’s love nature. Such a person invests much of his energy and passion into artistic things, creative arts, romance, or child-rearing. He possesses a lighthearted and an intense attitude towards entertainment and recreation. Romance for him is intense, passionate and deeply intimate. He tends to get attracted to an intense, passionate and romantic partners with the influence of Pluto. Such a person possesses an "all or nothing" attitude in love. He may fear to lose or get betrayed by his partner as a consequence of jealousy, obsessiveness or controlling behaviour. Over-possessive and smothering behaviour can even lead to early heart beaks. He will have a strong desire for love, however it may be tempered by unusual factors which may result in disappointment and unhappiness in love affairs.

A person with a fifth house  Pluto has a powerful urge to express his creativity. Such a person is blessed with extraordinary creativity and artistic abilities. He possesses strong creative forces in whatever he does. He is prone to get totally, passionately and obsessively involved in his creative endeavours. A person with a fifth house Pluto has a desire for personal recognition and if he fails to achieve personal success, he may try to force his children to fulfill those desires.

A fifth house Pluto makes the native over-protective of his family and friends. Such a person shares a loving and a strong bond with his closed ones. The birth of a child can completely transform the life of the native. A fifth house Pluto indicates a deep desire to have children. The first child will be stubborn and intense. If Pluto is afflicted in the fifth house in a female’s horoscope then it can lead to miscarriages and abortions depending on other factors as well. A person with a fifth house Pluto is particularly good with children and can form strong bonds with them.

A person with a fifth house Pluto is a  natural leader and a pioneer. He has a great ability to understand and guide individual development and actualization of those they touch. Such a person has a powerful sense of self-importance. He doesn't like to be criticized. He uses his creative self-expression as a healing tool. He has a great capacity to enjoy himself. He possesses a great ability to transform games into life. He can relax through games and sports, and even by looking after children or by spending quality time with the partner. 


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